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15464Re: Point me into the right direction please.

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  • brewski922
    Feb 1, 2005
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      If you have a local trade/vocational school stop by and talk to the
      electronics instructor. I'm sure he can or has some good books and
      projects to start with. Or you might just enroll in a Electronics 101.
      You would be supprised how much you could learn talking to that
      instructor at an Outback over a couple of beers and steak.

      --- In Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com, "mahan" <mahan@r...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone:
      > I am interested in getting into the field of electronics. I
      > tried to read many books which all start off by explaining the math
      > equations and describing what each little component does and how it
      > into the equation. I understand the equations, but I do not
      understand how
      > we go from an equation to a PCB full of components which all work
      > to perform one or more functions. I have heard the water flow
      theory over
      > and over again, but the water flow theory doesn't explain what
      happens when
      > the main pipe branches out to 100 different lines which each
      perform their
      > own function. I have some schematic simulator programs which I have
      > around with, but what good does that do me when I do not understand
      > basis of how everything is working together?
      > Currently I am reading a book titled "How electricity works".
      I am
      > on chapter 2 which is explaining different laws and relations but I
      > like I'm starting to drift away from what they are trying to
      explain. I
      > understand the math; I was in calculus and advanced chemistry at my
      > college I attended. But I don't understand how the math falls into a
      > circuit. For example I want to design a circuit with 2 LED's that
      blink. I
      > know I need a power source and 2 LED's but I am lost after that. I
      am going
      > to start an Electronics Technologist program in a year; it is for a
      3 year
      > diploma and then 2 more years at a university to get my BS. I am
      doing this
      > so I can get some real hands on training and experience, rather than
      > studying theory as an EE. Please help me and shed some light on to
      > problem. Any and all advice would be much appreciated and I thank
      > who has read this long email.
      > A lost person
      > Mahan M ... :)
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