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15459Re: Point me into the right direction please.

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  • Hermod Pedersen
    Feb 1 8:52 AM
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      At 06:34 2005-02-01 +0000, you wrote:
      > Currently I am reading a book titled "How electricity works". I am
      >on chapter 2 which is explaining different laws and relations but I feel
      >like I'm starting to drift away from what they are trying to explain. I
      >understand the math; I was in calculus and advanced chemistry at my last
      >college I attended. But I don't understand how the math falls into a

      "The Electronic Project Builder's Reference" by Josef Bernard is a great
      starter. Being a novice that was the first book making some sort of sense
      in designing and modifying circuits. Out of print, but a Amazon search
      should give you some used alternatives. That's how I got my copy, after
      having gotten tired of repeatedly borrowing it from the library

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      Hermod Pedersen, HCDX Web Editor
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