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6695RE: PDF and Printing Question

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  • wisfritz4
    Feb 15, 2014
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      There is a "Pro" version of Cute PDF that allows you to merge PDFs into one document, and about 20 other specialized things. It was worth the $40 approx if you want to make patterns. Usually if you draw a shape in a program (say MS Word) you define the space around the drawn shape as "tight" or "above and under" etc. If you have the extra EQ7 Applique book, I would consult that. If you are really desperate, you could print the shapes out, put them on a scanner with white paper behind it, scan and save as 1 PDF. I move sections for paper piecing and I have never had this happen so I am guessing. In the settings, I am guessing there is a defined space between the shapes that you might be able to change (?)

      Try EQ7 help. It is VERY thorough and has much more info in it than people give it credit for.
      Johanna in WI
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