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6693Re: [Electric_Quilt] Using Easy Draw

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  • wisfritz4
    Feb 15, 2014
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      Whenever you color something, and then change the block - say delete a line, making 2 squares into a long rectangle. EQ doesn't know where to put the color when the block changes. I agree with you that it is frustrating. A suggestion: something I do for those hard to draw block when you know the color will move, design one quarter of the block, filling the whole space. Save the block to the sketchbook. Then - Work on Block - Serendipity - Shrink and Flip Blocks. This will take your quarter of the block and put it 4 up - and you can turn it in different ways by clicking on the symbols under the block window, 

      For example, If I wanted a circle with points all the way around it, I could design a quarter circle with the points. If I made that quarter block 6 in on the quilt, when you combine as described above, remember to change your block size to 12 inches in this example when you go to put it on the quilt. Saves a lot of drawing and coloring time.

      There is another more complicated way to draw one quarter of the block - hit Control A for select all (lines) - right click - copy - paste - rotate - and put your cursor over the thing that looks like a plus sign with arrows. Move this copied and rotated quarter of the block next to your other quarter so all the lines are lined up. Click outside the block area. You now have one half of a block. You can Control A again. This time you will have selected the upper half of a block. Follow the same steps as above and either rotate or flip your copied selection. Slide down into place and you have a added the lower half of the block.

      Back to your original question: don't bother to color the quarter of the block if you are doing it this way, rather than through Serendipity description at the top. Color will move. Remember that in the sketchbook, you can right click on a block and select Show All Colorings or Select A Coloring. Any earlier saved colored versions of the block will be there. I find "Select a Coloring" most useful. If you pick Show All, your sketchbook can get rather large. Hope this helpls
      Johanna in WI
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