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6686RE: [Electric_Quilt] Using Easy Draw

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  • Sheila Williams
    Feb 13, 2014
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      Hi Nancy,

      Each time you draw a different triangle in your block design you are
      creating a new version of the block design. This will continue until you
      have completely drawn your block.

      You did not say so, but just before you click the "Color Tab" are you
      clicking the "save to Sketchbook" button? If you are, you will notice when
      you open the Sketchbook you have a new version of the block drawing? This is
      because each time we add a line or delete a line we are creating a new
      version of the block.

      You only see some of the coloring because this is all that was placed in the
      memory of the computer at that time. Once you add more lines you now have to
      color in the updated drawing of the block.

      In my case I have a very fast refresh on my computer because of the speed of
      my processor and the amount of memory. So if I add or delete a line in a
      block design and click the save to sketchbook button all of the color from
      the previous version of the block design disappears and I only have the line
      drawing of the block once I click the Color Tab.

      I hope this makes sense to you.

      Bottom line is you are not doing anything wrong.

      Sheila Williams
      Computer Software Consultant

      -----Original Message-----
      Each time, when I go to the Color tab, I have lost a lot of colors that
      I colored in, plus parts of the block that I had NOT colored, are
      colored in with the two colors that I am using on the block.

      I don't quite understand what's going on here. I've never had this
      happen before, but I'm not sure I have attempted to create this many
      half square triangles, all in one block.

      I can send you a screen shot, if that would help.

      Thank you,


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