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6685Using Easy Draw

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  • Brenda Hare
    Feb 13, 2014
      I am trying to draw what I would call a "simple" block with a star in
      the middle. There are what seems like 1,000 half square triangles in
      this block. (Not that many, but it seems like it as I am creating them
      and will seem like it when I am sewing it.)

      I am having this strange occurrence. Should I not be switching back and
      forth between Easy Draw and the Color tab? I am drawing some and then
      going back to the Color tab to put colors in to make sure I have the
      design drawn right, then back to EasyDraw, drawing more and then back to
      the Color tab.

      Each time, when I go to the Color tab, I have lost a lot of colors that
      I colored in, plus parts of the block that I had NOT colored, are
      colored in with the two colors that I am using on the block.

      I don't quite understand what's going on here. I've never had this
      happen before, but I'm not sure I have attempted to create this many
      half square triangles, all in one block.

      I can send you a screen shot, if that would help.

      Thank you,
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