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6625Version 8 Wish List: Hexagon Grid

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  • Johanna Fritz
    Aug 15, 2013
      With a popular as hexies are, it is so much work to draw the isometric grid. Those who do not have the separate "Piecing" book may not know how to do it.

      It would be nice to have that Hexagon grid so we can draw intricate paper pieced hexagon designs that I am just drawing by hand right now, as it is easier that trying in EQ7.

      Also, then make the horizontal or vertical row piecing able to take a half hexagon shaped (think "the boat shape") face up, face down etc next to each other so that the top and bottom half of the hexagon can be pieced in rows next to each other. That way, you would not necessarily have to place the hexagons on a 1 patch grid. Just my suggestion. I have a few more.

      I suggest 1 similar subject suggestion per e mail. Easier for them to find rather than reading all the e mails. Maybe use my subject line in a similar way: Version 8 Wish List: Hexagon Grid
      Johanna in WI
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