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Re: My documents folder problem

You should call EQ tech support. They are VERY good at solving these EQ problems. -- *​Dear Giant Spider; Please Die! Please Die! Please Die!Oh CRAP, where
K R Ritchie
Jan 19

My documents folder problem

I was trying to clean up my computer and delete some files unrelated to EQ that I didn't need. Well somehow I guess my finger slipped and the "My Documents"
Jan 18

tracing pattern onto eq

Is there a way to download a picture or trace it onto EQ?. I see pictures of things I would love to make into a quilt but I'm not able to just draw it.
Nov 11, 2015

EQ classes and groups Digest Number 1894

There is a spot on the EQ website that lists classes and ongoing groups. ( www.ElectricQuilt.com )   Look up your area to see whats available.  If there is
Oct 20, 2015

Re: meeting Sunday, October 25

Thank you for the invitation, but I live in Port Arthur, Tx. and it's a bit far to drive for one day. Ethel My Favorite Quotation: "Don't confuse me with
Ethel Granger
Oct 19, 2015

Re: meeting Sunday, October 25

I have an EQ user group in Plano, TX once a month on the 4th Sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon. If you live in the area, we would love to have you visit.
Maggie Tinnin
Oct 19, 2015

Re: meeting Sunday, October 25

I thought they sounded fun. Wish the meetings were near me, where ever they are. Brenda in Iowa
Brenda Hare ♥
Oct 18, 2015

meeting Sunday, October 25

Sorry the previous message was sent to the wrong group.
Oct 18, 2015

next meeting Sunday, October 25

Our next meeting is Sunday, October 25 at 2:00 pm. We will continue drawing the block of the month blocks. If you have anything you wish to do, bring a
Oct 18, 2015

Re: Carol Doak Foundation Factory CD's

Hi I just re-draw the blocks from Carol Doak into EQ. You only need to do the ones you want and it doesn't take long. Gilly
Sep 19, 2015

Re: Carol Doak Foundation Factory CD's

You might be thinking of Quilt Design Wizard from EQ? Carol Doak's CDs work with a product from one of EQ's competitors but not with EQ. Kay Ahr in
Sep 18, 2015

Carol Doak Foundation Factory CD's

Is there a way to get the Carol Doak Foundation Factory CD's to work with EQ? I know there is another program that you can make work in EQ, but I can't
Sep 17, 2015

Re: what is this block?

Hello I like this proyect shine on you crazy diamond. Where I may to get thanks
Jun 4, 2015

Re: what is this block?

Oh good grief!!! Sorry, posted to one group and notified another. Sheesh. I searched for Jacob’s Ladder, but that really isn’t. Eileen ehoheisel@...
Eileen Hoheisel
Jun 2, 2015

Re: what is this block?

Will you please post a picture to the Electric Quilt Yahoo Group? MJ in Plymouth, Michigan, USA
Jun 2, 2015
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