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MUSIC : PSYCHOLOGY PERFORMANCE : SPORTS: ATHLETES: Music in Sports Performance by Athletes: A Selected Group of Sources

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  • David P. Dillard
    MUSIC : SPORTS: ATHLETES: PSYCHOLOGY PERFORMANCE : Music in Sports Performance by Athletes: A Selected Group of Sources WEBBIB0607 This is a collection of
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      MUSIC :
      Music in Sports Performance by Athletes: A Selected Group of Sources


      This is a collection of sources that discuss either topically or in
      passing the impact of music on athletes performance and developement with
      some digressing citations added into the mix.

      Title: Real Men Do Yoga
      ISBN: 0757301126
      Publisher: HCI
      Author(s): John Capouya
      Format: Paperback
      Publication Date: Aug 1, 2003
      Subject: Consumer Health
      Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.50 in
      Pages: 420

      Title: Zendurance
      ISBN: 1891369431
      Publisher: Breakaway Books
      Author(s): Shane Alton Eversfield
      Format: Paperback
      Publication Date: Apr 1, 2004
      Subject: Sports & Recreation
      Dimensions: 6.25 x 9.00 x 1.00 in
      Pages: 324

      Title: High-Performance Training for Track and Field
      ISBN: 0880113901
      Publisher: Human Kinetics
      Author(s): William J. Bowerman, William Hardin Freeman
      Format: Paperback
      Publication Date: 1991
      Subject: Sports & Recreation
      Dimensions: 8.44 x 10.96 x 0.65 in
      Pages: 264

      Title: Imagery in Sports and Physical Performance
      ISBN: 0895030802
      Publisher: Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.
      Author(s): Anees A. Sheikh, Errol R. Korn
      Format: Hardcover
      Publication Date: Dec 31, 1994
      Dimensions: 6.50 x 9.50 x 0.75 in

      Title: Creative Coaching
      ISBN: 0736033270
      Publisher: Human Kinetics
      Author(s): Jerry Lynch
      Format: Paperback
      Publication Date: Mar 1, 2001
      Subject: Sports & Recreation
      Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.75 in
      Pages: 217

      Title: Applying Sport Psychology
      ISBN: 0736045120
      Publisher: Human Kinetics
      Author(s): Gregory S. (EDT) Wilson, Jim Taylor
      Format: Paperback
      Publication Date: Jan 1, 2005
      Subject: Sports & Recreation
      Dimensions: 8.42 x 11.00 x 0.79 in
      Pages: 310

      Title: Counselling Athletes
      ISBN: 0419261206
      Publisher: Routledge (UK)
      Author(s): John H. Kerr
      Format: Hardcover
      Publication Date: Sep 1, 2001
      Subject: Sports & Recreation
      Dimensions: 6.25 x 9.25 x 0.75 in

      Title: Sport and Exercise Psychology
      ISBN: 0415168082
      Publisher: Routledge (UK)
      Author(s): Aidan P. Moran
      Format: Hardcover
      Publication Date: Apr 1, 2004
      Subject: Sports & Recreation
      Dimensions: 6.56 x 10.36 x 0.85 in
      Pages: 347

      Title: Doing sport psychology
      ISBN: 0736000860
      Publisher: Human Kinetics
      Author(s): Mark B. Andersen
      Publication Date: 2000
      Pages: 293

      The effects of synchronous music on 400-m sprint performance.
      Simpson, Stuart D.; Karageorghis, Costas I..
      Journal of Sports Sciences
      October 2006 v. 24 no. 10 p. 1095-1102

      Reevaluating the benefits of performance goals: the relation of goal type
      to optimal performance for musicians and athletes. (includes abstract)
      Lacaille N;
      Medical Problems of Performing Artists
      2005 March 20 v. 1 p. 11-6

      Music to run by: the sight of a lone athlete floating along to the
      pulsating beat of a personal stereo is now commonplace. For more than a
      decade, I have been interested in the scientific study and application of
      music in sport and exercise. Using recent research as a premise, I will
      explore how music can be used to give your running performance a boost.
      Karageorghis, C.
      Ultra-FIT (Penzance, England)
      2004 v. 14 no. 1 p. 82-84

      Effects of asynchronous music on flow states and shooting performance
      among netball players
      Pates, J.; Karageorghis, C.I.; Fryer, R.; Maynard, I..
      Psychology of Sport and Exercise
      October 2003 v. 4 no. 4 p. 415

      Elite performance in relation to specific cortical stimuli across diverse
      sporting disciplines.
      Flouris, A.D.; Metsios, G.S.
      British journal of sports medicine (London)
      October 2003 v. 37 no. 5 p. 468

      Rhythm or music? Contrasting two types of auditory stimuli in the
      performance of a dancing routine.
      Pollatou, E.; Hatzitaki, V.
      Perceptual and motor skills (Missoula, Mont.)
      August 2003 v. 97 no. 1 p. 99-106

      Competition between internal and external sources of information during
      exercise: influence on RPE and the impact of the exercise load. /
      (Competition entre sources internes et externes d ' informations pendant l
      ' exercice: influence des taux d ' effort percu et impact sur la charge d
      ' exercice.)
      Nethery, V.M.
      Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness (Torino),
      June 2002 v. 42 no. 2 p. 172-178

      Different types of asynchronous music and effects on performance of
      basketball foul shot.
      Geisler, Guido; Leith, Larry M.
      Perceptual and Motor Skills
      v. 93 no. 3 December 2001 p. 734.

      Mood-regulating strategies used by athletes.
      Stevens, M.J.; Lane, A.M.;
      Athletic insight: the online journal of sport psychology
      December 2001 v. 3 no.3

      Peculiarities of sensomotoric reactions and theirs(sic) change under music
      sensory inflow in young men depending on constitutional types.(Poster
      Maliarenko, T.N.; Shutova, S.V.
      Exercise and Society journal of sport science
      2001 v.28 p. 290

      The Impact of Music Education and Athletic Participation on Academic
      Schneider, Timothy W.; Klotz, Jack
      ERIC Document

      An occupational study of physical playing-related injuries in college
      music students. (includes abstract)
      Guptill C
      Medical Problems of Performing Artists
      2000 June v. 15 no. 2 p. 86-90

      The Effects of Music on Age Group Swimmers' Motivation and Practice
      Stoeckel, Bryan D.
      ERIC Document

      Beta-endorphin response to high intensity exercise and music in
      college-age women
      Doiron BAH
      Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
      1999 February 13 no. 1 p. 24-28.

      The use of psychological skills by female collegiate swimmers . Thiese, K.
      Journal of Sport Behavior
      v. 22 no.4) 1999 p. 602-610

      Finding Joy In Mudville
      Sloan, Rita
      December 1998 v.. 37 no. 10 p, 47

      The cantor today: weekend athlete or professional voice user? Wicklund,
      Karen J.
      The American Organist,
      (formerly Music, The A.G.O. and R.C.C.O. Magazine
      The American Organist
      July 1997 v. 31 p. 62.

      The effect of highlight music videotapes upon the game performance of
      intercollegiate basketball players.
      Templin, David P.; Vernacchia, Ralph A.
      Sport Psychologist
      v. 9 1 March 1995 p. 41-50.

      Mellow and frenetic antecedent music during athletic performance of
      children, adults, and seniors
      Becker, Nancy; Brett, Stephnie
      Perceptual and Motor Skills
      October 1994 v. 79 no. p. 1043

      Effects of positive and negative music on performance of a karate drill.
      Ferguson, Albert R. Carbonneau, Michael R.; Chambliss, Catherine
      Perceptual and Motor Skills
      v. 78 no. 3 Pt. 2) Special Issue June 1994 p. 1217-1218.

      Painting, music, and baseball: creativity and the passing of the age of
      Maundrell, Richard; Flagel, David.
      University of Toronto Quarterly
      v. 57 Summer 1988 p. 529-541.

      The effects of music-evoked emotions on the capacity for physical work in
      connection with the strength of the nervous system.
      Dorfmann, Leonid Y.
      Psikologicheskii Zhurnal
      v. 7 no. 5 September / October 1986 p. 132-136.

      How Much Is Too Much? Oregon's Guidelines for Band Performance
      McManus, John
      Music Educators Journal v. 71 no. 1 p. 28-33 September 1984 (EJ303494)
      ERIC Document

      A study of music performances at athletic contests
      Boullion, James L.. The School Musician
      Director and Teacher
      March 1979 v. 50 p. 46.

      Natural means of recovery
      Kurz, T.
      In Science of sports training: how to plan and control training for peak
      2nd ed, Island Pond, Vt., Stadion Publishing Company, c2001, p.121-133.

      The effects of music on the intensity and direction of pre-competitive
      cognitive and somatic state anxiety and state self-confidence in
      collegiate athletes.
      Lanzillo, J.J.; Burke, K.L.; Joyner, A.B.; Hardy, C.J.
      International sports journal (West Haven, Conn.)
      Summer 2001 v. 5 no. 2 p. 101-110

      A symphony for long jump
      Tooth, G.; Wiebaut, F.; Smart, A.; Calder, A.; Lucas, O.
      Sports Factor (Austria)
      v. 5 October 2001

      (Comparison of the coordination of movement rhythm and muscial rhythm and
      musical in routine movements between the Chinese elite gymnasts and the
      gymnasts of the world.)
      Gou, X.; Ma, X.
      Journal of Beijing University of Physical Education (Beijing)
      September1997 v. 20 no. 3 p. 83-88

      Getting into the grove: using music to enhance athletic performance
      Karageorghis, C.; Ultrafit (Penzance, England)
      1996 v. 6 no. 4 p. 78-81

      The augmenting role of biofeedback: effects of autogenic, imagery and
      music training on physiological indices and athletic performance. / (Le
      role augmentatif du biofeedback: effets de l ' entrainement autogene, de l
      ' imagerie mentale et de l ' entrainement musical sur certains parametres
      physiologiques et sur la performance sportive.)
      Blumenstein, B.; Bar, Eli, M.; Tenenbaum, G.
      Journal of sports sciences (London)
      August 1995 v. 13 no. 4 p. 343-354

      Can up-beat music help athletes hit sweet performance notes? ; Running
      research news (Lansing, Mich.)
      December 1995 v. 11 no. 10 p. 9-10

      (Some remarks on the music for the athletic and dance performances during
      the mass displays and finale of the 6th Gymnastics and Sports Festival of
      the G.D.R.)
      Gross, F.
      Theorie und Praxis der Koerperkultur
      v. 27 no. 7 1978 p. 542-545

      (Influence of music on athletic performance.)
      Michel, W.; Wanner, H.U.
      Schweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Sportmedizin
      v. 23 no. 3 1975 p. 141-159

      Lucaccini, L.F.; Kreit, L.H.
      In Morgan, W.P. (ed.)
      Ergogenic aids and muscular performance
      New York, Academic Press, 1972, p.235-262


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