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  • Edward.J.Tracey@valley.net
    .....to the first message from this site! As spring comes around, we ll have more usage for this site, I m sure. For those who aren t familiar with a Yahoo
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
      .....to the first message from this site! As spring comes around, we'll have more usage for this site, I'm sure.

      For those who aren't familiar with a Yahoo group, here's what you can do:

      1) Post just one message, and all subscribers get it that day (or the next).
      2) Click on "Calendar" - and you can actually post a party, hike or other upcoming
      event. You can even arrange for one or two "reminders" to go out in advance,
      and say how many days beforehand, etc. I have Bash Bish all set-up, now.
      3) Click on "Photos" - and you can post photos of recent parties, creeking, any new
      babies, group shots, you name it.
      4) Click on "Files" and you can post directions to a certain event, a letter from some
      member on vacation, etc.
      5) There is also a "Chat" feature - not sure we'd need to have a regularly scheduled
      one like some groups do. But for something like Bash Bish: if need be, we could
      have a planning session in, say, a month or so. We could choose some night to
      have it in advance (for example, a Wednesday night at 9:00 PM) where people
      who want to go in on a cabin, or split the cost of a platform tent site, arrange a
      ride, etc. One hour might make things easier, rather than call people one by one.

      And there are other things you can do, also. For now, welcome again - and I hope
      this will make communication across the miles just a bit easier.

      To look at the site, go to - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EddieEvents

      You can post a message two ways:
      a) Go to the site and click on "Post"
      b) Send an e-mail to this address: EddieEvents@yahoogroups.com
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