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RE: Ed_Bishop UFO Fanzine

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    Hi Pete,   thanks for the praise! :-)   Since the first issue appeared we have added content, such as e.g. Dragon s delightful story Sans Aliens , which
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      Hi Pete,
      thanks for the praise! :-)
      Since the first issue appeared we have added content, such as e.g. Dragon's delightful story "Sans Aliens", which gives us and Straker a look at how movies should be regarded - and respected, or our new photo section, which now holds four new photos, two of them displaying Ed Bishop as Cmdr. Straker. Before the month closes we should have at least 1-2 Valentine stories online as well. Small items and the occasional story or article will be added throughout the months.
      Once again, anyone who has something interesting or nice to contribute, please contact either Lightcudder or me directly. We have special topic space e.g. for the actors, the actors in other movies or "fan meets actors" accounts, just as e.g. for fan art and fan photos. If someone has rare interviews or articles, possibly not translated from another language, again - contact us. Behind the scenes we already are preparing the March issue.

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      Fantastic – keep up the good work I enjoyed it very much………….






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      a couple of us thought it was about time we had another UFO fanzine, so we have done one! It will have an issue per month and we hope you'll enjoy it!

      Called the Ed Straker Herald, and featuring and in this issue article about Ed Bishop and his contrasting roles as Straker and Victor Stackman.

      Contributions to next months' issues are more than welcome!

      Here you go:


      Have fun, and be nice to our publisher... ;-)



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