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Fwd: Apply Now for 2005 Mind and Life Summer Research Insitute

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  • jhanananda@yahoo.com
    Hello friends, I applied to attend the 2005 Mind and Life Summer Research Institute. This project is supposed to be in cooperation with Buddhist contemplative
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2005
      Hello friends, I applied to attend the 2005 Mind and Life Summer Research
      Institute. This project is supposed to be in cooperation with Buddhist
      contemplative practitioners and scholars, however, there does not seem to be anyone
      sensitive to the issues of Jhana or Kundalini present on the panel. I thought I
      would therefore apply to attend to represent the interests of the
      contemplatives who have arrived at jhana/kundalini.

      To attend there is a requirement to have two letters of recommendation, so if
      anyone who is supportive of the idea, would send a letter of recommendation
      in support of my attendance I would greatly appreciate it. Please send the
      letter to this email address:nancy@...

      Also, if any of you are interested in attending please do feel free to apply.

      Kindest regards, Jhanananda

      In a message dated 1/16/05 10:53:06 AM, nancy@... writes:

      << Announcing the 2005 Mind and Life Summer Research Institute

      Applications are now being taken for the 2005 Mind and Life Summer Research
      Institute (MLSRI) to be held at the Garrison Institute
      (www.garrisoninstitute.org) in Garrison, New York, from Sunday, June 26, through Saturday, July 2.

      The purpose of the MLSRI is to advance collaborative research among
      behavioral scientists, neuroscientists, and biomedical researchers based on a process
      of inquiry, dialogue, and in some cases, collaboration, with Buddhist
      contemplative practitioners and scholars and those in other contemplative traditions.
      The long-term objective is to advance the training of a new generation of
      behavioral scientists, cognitive/affective neuroscientists, Buddhists and other
      contemplative scholar/practitioners interested in exploring the influence of
      contemplative practice on mind, behavior, brain function, and health, including
      the potential role of contemplative methods in characterizing human experience
      and consciousness.

      A small group of scientists, Buddhists and other contemplative
      practitioner/scholars will be the Faculty. The meeting will be restricted to 90
      participants, as innovative and interdisciplinary scientific advances are more likely to
      succeed in a small meeting of committed scholars. Moreover, new fields can be
      dramatically shaped by providing training opportunities for young scholars who
      are in the very early stages of their careers or who are still in training.

      The overriding theme of the meeting will be to foster a meaningful dialogue
      between modern psychology on the one hand, and Buddhist and other contemplative
      practice on the other, different ways of knowing and investigating the mind.

      The scientific emphasis will be given to developing rigorous experimental
      designs to evaluate both state and trait effects of contemplative practice and
      potential experimental designs for incorporating "first-person" contemplative
      methods into active collaboration of scientists, Buddhists, and other
      contemplative practitioner/scholars in all phases of research. Examples of early
      findings from such collaborations will be provided.

      The registration fee for Research Fellows is $300; for Senior Investigators,
      $600. This fee will also cover room and board for the six days. In addition,
      each participant will be expected to cover his/her own travel expenses. There
      is no fee for applying.

      For a more detailed overview of the MLSRI please go to

      To apply now, please go to:

      Applications close at 7:00 PM EST on Monday, February 28, 2005. However,
      interested applicants are advised to apply early.

      Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested. >>
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