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Re: the ~~ LAST ~~ ceremonies are now being prepared . . .

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  • mischa standingwolf
    Dear Darrel Whitewolf: Thank you for your posting, alarming that it was. I guess that I can speak as an elder for the white eyes, but, as you know, this is
    Message 1 of 3 , May 28, 2004
      Dear Darrel Whitewolf:

      Thank you for your posting, alarming that it was. I guess that I can speak as an elder for
      the white eyes, but, as you know, this is usually determined by who has the most money,
      and I am only a hippy guitar player. Perhaps you would get better feedback at the Houston
      Petroleum Club.

      I am reminded of a story I read in childhood about Arctic Lemmings. When the population
      of lemmings reaches a crisis level, most of them mass for a desperate rush across the
      tundra to plunge into the ocean and drown. Most, but not all. The "not all" part is what I
      think EcoFeminism should be about, but I must admit, many of the postings have been a
      puzzle. Frankly, I think that Armaggedon is nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy fostered
      by the ignorant, and I don't have any personal attraction to Native American versions of
      lemming suicidal mindsets either. Since patriachal leaders can't come to terms with
      overpopulation or the male-dominated group mindset of aggression, a hard rain is gonna
      fall. But, I feel that by groups such as this focusing on the return of the Sacred Groves
      worldwide and on a future of Life-In-Balance, future generations might start to "get it."
      The trick is to reach those generations, which cannot be done unless we come out of
      victimhood to shed a little Light.

      Perhaps you should get away from the Southern Baptists for a while. I was born and raised
      in Texas, and I know what that is like. Today, I'm going to take a drive into a sacred grove
      of Sequoias, only a couple of hours away. I will listen to their songs, as often before. They
      may be in mourning, but there is great wisdom there as well, something that all of us
      would do well to connect with.

      Thank you so much Darrell. May our grandchildren live in Eden!

      Yours always,
      Mischa Standingwolf

      --- In EcoFeminism@yahoogroups.com, AmaNoGawa <unamity@y...> wrote:
      > Posted By: DarrelWhitewolf
      > Date: Monday, 24 May 2004, 8:16 a.m.
      > I Darrel Whitewolf, elder of Cherokee decent, with this powerful
      > message, hereby challenge the elders of all native nations. I hereby
      > petition for the immediate release of sacred information to all
      > humanity concerned for the immediate future of their families and loved
      > ones.
      > At the risk of having many arrows shot in my direction, I send this
      > message.
      > I am an old warrior who is no stranger to battles.
      > It has been brought to my attention that the elders at this time are
      > preparing the last ceremonies. The Hopi who have no word in their
      > vocabulary for the future and are preparing to go underground. The
      > Ojibwa and the Lakota are saying that we are at the end. They say and I
      > quote "Go back and tell the people it is no longer the eleventh hour".
      > It is said that the blue star (katchina) has arrived and the "Purifier"
      > (a large celestial body) follows. It's time for the "CLEANSING" THE
      > "THIRD SHAKING".
      > It is time to tell the people about the arrival of the watchers from
      > the skies who don't look like us and the ones underground as well.
      > I have heard that White Buffalo Calf Woman has returned. I have been
      > told to teach the stories of creation and how we must become together
      > as one. This is not enough.
      > Chief Lookinghorse has delivered his messages at sacred sites all over
      > the world but it is still unclear to non indian people just what is
      > happening now, this very year, maybe even this very next month.
      > It is perfectly clear to me but who will believe one person?
      > It is not enough to quote verses from the bible. It is not enough to
      > tell the old stories. It is not enough to talk about the animals and
      > what it means when a certain one shows up in your life.
      > I think I can safely say that I speak for all readers here when I
      > challenge you for the plain and simple truth about what is about to
      > happen. No more Bible verses from the unbalanced cross brought by the
      > ones who stole our land, raped our women and killed our children. The
      > ones manipulated by the watchers.
      > No more old stories. No more codes.
      > People do not want to hear this nonsense any longer because time is too
      > short. I know that you know. I also know that there is still prejudice
      > in the hearts of some of you and you do not want non-indian people to
      > know these things.
      > It is time and the time is now for you to speak clearly and decisevely
      > in releasing the information needed for people of all nations to
      > prepare themselves practically, safely, physically and spiritually.
      > There is talk that the Pope is giving his final blessings. He speaks of
      > the fact that "Wormwood" (Planet X) has arrived. There is talk that
      > supposed astronomers are watching something large speeding toward
      > Earth. There is clear and unmistakable evidence that the skies day and
      > night have suddenly changed dramatically. The moon has changed its
      > orbit and appears in the west sky now when it rises. The stars are
      > turning around in the sky at night and moving slower. The Earth Mother
      > staggers like a drunk.
      > With great respect to the Creator, I bow to him in a humble way and ask
      > for guidance in these matters not for me but for my brothers and
      > sisters, my friends and families.
      > With great respect for the elders I ask you to put this knowledge forth
      > and back up your words which say Mitakoye Oyasin. We are all your
      > brothers and sisters. Will you leave us behind, only knowing half
      > truths?
      > Grandfather forgive me if I have offended as this message comes from my
      > heart and the Spirit of Crazy Horse inside me speaking. Grandfather
      > forgive those who still hold contempt for the white man, the black man,
      > the red and the yellow.
      > We send our prayers to you with the smoke from the sacred pipe on the
      > wings of our brother Awahili, the Eagle.
      > I ask that you keep all of us here in your presense now and for ever.
      > Let the truths become clear to all.
      > Wado, Wakan Tanka, Aho
      > That is all I have to say.
      > Darrel Whitewolf
      > http://www.haveyouthought.com/ContactUs.htm
      > end
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    • Millennium Twain
      Thank you StandingWolf, Mischa! Indeed, May our grandchildren live in Eden! Millennium Twain ... ..
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 14, 2004
        Thank you StandingWolf, Mischa!

        Indeed, May our grandchildren live in Eden!

        Millennium Twain


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