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An appeal from Noam Chomsky for Free Speech Radio News

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  • elevans@aol.com
    Dear friends, Please take a moment to consider Noam Chomsky s appeal below. Free Speech Radio News is burning up the air waves, and is now carried by 48
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2001
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      Dear friends,

      Please take a moment to consider Noam Chomsky's appeal below.  
      Free Speech Radio News is burning up the air waves, and is now
      carried by 48 stations nationally and featuring some of the best
      progressive news reporting from around the world.  Pacifica
      national monitors FSRN regularly and PNN is feeling tremendous
      pressure from the stringers' effort.  Please help keep FSRN
      broadcasting daily. See www.fsrn.org for daily program schedules.

      Eileen Sutton
      Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship



      Dear Friends,

      Thank you for a moment of your time.

      You may know that in January, 2000, dozens of freelance reporters
      from across the Americas, Europe and Asia went on strike against
      Pacifica Network News (PNN) to protest a wave of censorship
      engulfing the nation's oldest, listener-sponsored radio network.
      This labor action is part of a broader, national effort involving
      thousands to save Pacifica from an elite, corporate-style take-
      over from the top.

      The stringers demand that Pacifica return to its founding
      principles: free speech, editorial independence and true
      grassroots, noncorporate coverage of urgent social and political
      issues. They also demand the freedom to report on the
      controversies within the network itself.

      Hoping to compete with the corporate drift in PNN's content, the
      strikers also began producing Free Speech Radio News, a half-hour,
      alternative newscast. Over 70 reporters from twenty American
      states and six continents now file stories with FSRN, heard coast
      to coast on 48 community radio stations from Seattle to Little
      Rock, Santa Barbara to Boston. FSRN is also carried globally via
      short wave and over the Internet.

      The 20-month-old cast regularly features breaking stories and
      crucial investigative pieces often absent from the corporate press
      and PNN.  Features have included:

      *Controversies surrounding U.S. drug companies and AIDS
      medications in Africa;

      *The Palestinian Intifada and Israeli military occupation, seen
      from inside Gaza Strip refugee camps;

      *The Zapatistas' historic caravan from Chiapas to their historic
      rally in Mexico City;

      *A controversial U.S. railway project for transporting cheap coal,
      amid  environmental calls for less use of fossil fuels;

      *Nigeria's resistance to IMF policies making cooking and heating
      fuel unaffordable for the working class in this oil-rich country.

      These are vital stories, but they will continue to be heard only
      if you lend support.

      Producing and distributing Free Speech Radio News costs roughly
      $30,000 monthly. Many of FSRN's striking reporters - some of the
      finest alternative journalists in community broadcasting - have
      made serious financial sacrifices to participate in this strike
      and support the struggle to reclaim Pacifica.

      Verna Avery-Brown, veteran PNN host forced out in December of
      1999, is now anchoring.  Many of the stations carrying FSRN are
      Pacifica affiliates, and many have cancelled PNN to air the strike

      FSRN started as a weekly effort, but recently starting
      broadcasting daily to put maximum pressure on Pacifica's national
      board. And that pressure is working.  The striking reporters are
      hoping to go to a 3rd month of daily programs, but they can't do
      it without you.  Your donation is needed right now to keep the
      Pacifica struggle and Free Speech Radio News alive. Please honor
      the integrity of these reporters and show your commitment to the
      survival of truly independent, critical media.

      Your donation of any size will be greatly appreciated. Checks can
      be made payable to the Agape Foundation with the words "Pacifica
      Reporters Against Censorship" on the memo line and mailed to
      Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship, c/o Kevin Brower, 2210
      Curtis Street, Apt. A, Berkeley, CA 94702. All contributions are
      tax deductible. If you have questions, would like to hear the cast
      or pledge a monthly amount, please write to pnnstrikers@... or
      go to www.fsrn.org.

      Please do it today.

      In solidarity,
      Noam Chomsky

      P.S., Again, these striking reporters need your support.  The
      strike against PNN has been one of the most historic acts of
      resistance since the fight to save Pacifica began. Help keep truly
      free and independent media a reality by supporting Free Speech
      Radio News. If Pacifica is lost, the silence will be deafening.  
      Any amount you give will do a great deal.
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