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GlobalCircle Net News 06 May 2001

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  • Paul
    GlobalCircle Net News 06 May 2001 is now online at http://globalcircle.net/1gnn0506ek.htm . Each item has clickable links for full articles and more from the
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      GlobalCircle Net News 06 May 2001 is now online at
      http://globalcircle.net/1gnn0506ek.htm . Each item has clickable links for
      full articles and more from the original source on the Internet. I believe
      I've included a wider sample of issues and concerns to many groups in this
      Please click on those that interest you in the web page at
      http://globalcircle.net/1gnn0506ek.htm . Comments, ideas to
      webmaster@... .

      --paul, webmaster http://globalcircle.net
      networking for ecology, justice, and all our relations

      A sample of news and views on 6 May issue, and much more:
      -- Climate Change: Europe at the Crossroads
      -- "The global democratization movement wants majority globalization -- one
      based on human rights, open process and saving the environment."
      -- Globalization: Quebec Summit Hides an Iron Fist Behind a Word
      -- Anti-globalization - a Spreading Phenomenon - From August 22, 2000 -
      These guys think they have it all figured out. To some extent, they have.
      See how they "think". Canadian Security Intelligence Service publication
      -- Zapatistas Reject Bill, from La Jornada in translation
      -- Cincinatti, Police Shoot Mourners with Beanbags After Slain Man's
      -- Healing Our World: Weekly Comment By Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. --
      Marketing Environmental Destruction and Disease
      -- No Dues, No Cooperation, No Representation The U.S. got its comeuppance
      in Geneva when it failed to win adequate support to retain its spot on the
      UN Human Rights Commission, from Foreign Policy in Focus
      -- Chernobyl Archive
      -- World Oil Tanker Safety Deal Struck
      -- State sanctioned surveillance program will identify behavioral "red
      flags" in children, treat them with psychotropic drugs
      -- Comprehensive new pesticide database
      -- Collateral Damage- At military bases around the world, the United
      States refuses to clean up its mess. Story at Americas.org
      -- Border War- As the U.S. military melds with civilian police agencies,
      the first casualties are immigrants. Story at Americas.org
      -- War and Accountability - Kerry and his role in Vietnam, from The Nation
      -- President Bush launched a two-week campaign yesterday to prepare the
      country for the recommendations of the secretive
      White House energy task force
      -- Herbicide Resistant Weeds Spring Up in Bioengineered Soy Fields -
      excellent .pdf files from biotechinfo.net
      -- If you ran a third world country and your military needed help, who
      would you call? Private armies for killing.
      -- AntiRacismNet ALERT
      -- Romania Calls for Urgent Danube Measures
      -- United American Indians of New England -- not your typical Thanksgiving
      Day pablum
      -- Turkish Terror Attack Against Hunger Striking Political Prisoners
      -- Lynchings of Roma People in East Europe
      -- Weekly digest at Americas.org - Bolivia, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil,
      Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic
      -- Drug War Madness in Peru - When the Peruvian air force shot down a
      civilian Cessna, killing missionary Veronica Bowers and infant daughter
      Charity, it was the CIA-contracted crew of a U.S. surveillance plane who
      had tagged the tiny craft as a suspected drug
      -- Resource Wars: An Interview with Michael Klare
      -- Oil Rigged - There’s something slippery about the U.S. drug war in
      Colombia at Americas.org

      "We are not for names, nor men, nor titles of Government, nor are we
      for this party nor against the other… but we are for justice and mercy
      and truth and peace and true freedom, that these may be exalted in our
      nation, and that goodness, righteousness, meekness, temperance, peace and
      unity with God, and with one another, that these things may abound."
      -- Edward Burroughs, 1659 - from 'Quaker Faith and Practice'

      GlobalCircle Net News is a noncommercial, nonpartisan, independent
      collection of news and views from the global Internet and a wide range of
      sources, and readers should make their own judgments about the sources and
      usefulness of any information. Please feel free to pass this on only if it
      is complete with headers and this statement. Anyone may subscribe by
      sending a blank email to globalcirclenetnews-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .
      This is the same newsletter received by those subscribed to
      greennewsnetwork@yahoogroups.com .
      Commercials in this post are inserted by Yahoo and not by GlobalCircle.
      This is only a very small sample of current news and issues of concern,
      but puts you in touch with the Internet resources for ongoing information.
      Your Net News from the global Internet - environment - human rights -
      indigenous peoples - militarism - GMOs - globalization - sustainability
      - refugees - prisons - women - workers - respect for the Earth and All
      Our Relations - noncommercial - independent - nonpartisan - connecting the
      dots for the big picture. See the connections.

      --paul, webmaster http://globalcircle.net
      networking for ecology, justice, and all our relations
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