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Dear People of the State of Nebraska

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    Dear People of the State of Nebraska, I gather that many of you were not so fond of Bill Clinton, but I want to make you aware of something very important that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2001
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      Dear People of the State of Nebraska,
      I gather that many of you were not so fond of Bill Clinton, but
      I want to make you aware of something very important that he did for you
      (and Americans in 42 other states). High level radioactive waste from
      nuclear power plants all over our country will soon be traveling through
      your state, once President George Bush signs onto what has become known
      as the ‘Mobile Chernobyl’ bill (named after the most infamous nuclear
      plant accident ever).
      President Clinton vetoed this maximally dangerous bill while
      he was in office. He knew that accidents will occur and people will die
      once this bill becomes law. Inadequately devised and tested casks of
      nuclear waste will be rolling toward Yucca Mountain in Nevada by truck
      and train. Nebraska is near to Nevada, and will have to worry about a
      fire, a spill, a crash, a derailment that might occur during any of
      these shipments. (See route map.)
      The government admits that there will be a few accidents with
      approximately 100,000 shipments being required over the next 30 years.
      And that was before President Bush and his nuclear crazy administration
      tried to propose building new ‘pebblebed’ nuclear reactors all over this
      land of ours, in his 2001 ‘National Energy Security Act’– unnumbered as
      yet for Congressional use– critique available in ‘Nuclear Revival’ issue
      of NIRS* – see: nirs.org on internet.
      Studies have shown that if someone, for example, your child is
      exposed to unshielded/spilled high level radioactive waste for ten
      seconds from three feet away, they will die from a lethal dose of
      radiation within two weeks.
      President Clinton knew that the technology is not there yet.
      Besides the fact that we still have not devised a proper way to store
      nuclear waste for the thousands of years required to do it safely. And
      Yucca Mountain has 25 fault-lines that most non-corrupted experts agree
      make it unfit for nuclear waste disposal, especially in a ground level
      parking lot, which the Mobile Chernobyl bill accepts and proposes. In
      addition, the feeding lust of the nuclear utilities to accomplish their
      wildest dreams during the Bush administration may lead to another
      private storage site being erected in Utah. Both Yucca Mountain and the
      site in Utah would be on Native American land, and, yes, shipments to
      either/both will go through your state of Nebraska.
      We are in store for many terrible environmental threats to be
      imposed upon us by what is now a George Bush Washington. Nebraska will
      be in the middle of the firing line for the nuclear worst of it, and it
      will happen before you might be aware it is happening. Contact your
      Congresspeople via 202-224-3121 to tell them to protect you from this
      national disgrace; write letters to your newspapers, Pres. Bush; discuss
      it with your friends and foes so this does not happen. It can be
      stopped, as what citizens really want it? Check the nirs.org internet
      site to better inform yourselves and those you love on the reality of
      this. [* -- NIRS stands for ‘Nuclear Information Resource Service’]
      Conrad Miller M.D.
      Founder, Physicians For Life,
      P.O. Box 180, Watermill, New York,11976
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