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re; STIR Up the Governors E-mail

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  • earthIcan
    Pass this on, its a way I am helping to Save The Ichetucknee River, and you can help too! ... FROM STIR ( Save The Ichetucknee River) Dear friend, There is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2000
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      Pass this on, its a way I am helping to Save The Ichetucknee River,
      and you can help too!
      --- In STIRpeople@egroups.com, "earthIcan " <kctoons@m...> wrote:
      FROM "STIR" ( Save The Ichetucknee River)

      Dear friend,
      There is a River in Florida that is calling you to help Her.
      The Ichetucknee River is under siege from a $130 Million Dollar
      Cement Plant, with its used Tire, coal, and petroleum coke burning
      Kiln being built by Anderson Columbia,INC..
      There are several groups working together trying to get Florida
      Governor Jeb Bush to Save The Ichetucknee River, and stop the Cement
      Together, we are having a big Rally, with a March to the Cement Plant
      entrance, and civil disobedience to block the gates, coming up in two
      weeks,(January 15,2001), and we need your help to make this March a
      success. You can show your support for the Marchers, even if your
      cannot be there in person.
      This is the E-mail March.
      This is your way to join STIR and Save The Ichetucknee River.

      One of the ways we are fighting the Cement Plant is e-mailing a
      letter to Governor Jeb Bush. Not just one e-mail, but thousands of e-
      mails, from Florida, the U.S.A. and from all across the World.
      Take a minute today , right now, and do two simple and easy things to
      Save The Ichetucknee River from this Tire Burning Cement Plant.
      First,Click the How2help link to Riverdrops, and click on the e-mail
      address to Governor Jeb Bush.

      ( http://www.riverdrops.com/how2help/index.html )

      E-mail him a brief letter asking him to honor his promise to protect
      the Ichetucknee and Santa Fe Rivers, and to please Stop The Cement

      The second thing you can do is to copy this e-mail and send it to as
      many people that you have e-mail address's for.
      Ask your friends to take a few minutes to Save The Ichetucknee River.
      Be sure to add a personal message encouraging your friends to take
      just a few minutes to help Stop the Cement Plant and to e-mail
      Governor Bush.

      It is very important that if we cannot be at the Cement Plant for the
      big Cement Plant civil disobedience action on January 15( Martin
      Luther King Day) with the front line Activist, then we swarm the
      Governors office with thousands and thousands of e-mails protesting
      the Cement Plant. We have asked the press to report on how many e-
      mails the governor is getting asking him to Save The Ichetucknee
      This e-mail campaign is your way to be part of the STIR people that
      are building a Wall of e-mails to protect the Ichetucknee.
      I promise that this time in Florida, your e-mail will be counted, and
      your e-mail will count for something.

      This is not a partisan political movement. This Cement Plant is a non-
      partisan environmental environmental disaster that will destroy the
      Ichetucknee River for Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Blacks,
      Yellows, Browns, and Whites.
      STIR is non-partisan, with leaders, rank and file who are
      Republicans, Democrats, and Greens, who have all come together to
      Save The Ichetucknee River.
      The only enemy is the privately owned Cement Plant and Mining Company.
      The STIR people are only asking Governor Jeb Bush to protect the
      jewel of Florida's Spring Fed Rivers.
      We only have two weeks till the big rally, so STIR up Governor Bush
      There is a River calling for you to stand with Her, to protect Her,
      and build build this wall of e-mails to protect Her from the Cement
      Together, with your e-mail, and the e-mails of thousands of people
      all over the World, "We Shall Gather at the River".
      Send Governor Jeb Bush your e-mail today!
      Thank you ,

      ***************IMPORTANT STIR LINKS **************************
      For Music of STIR, http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/137/stir3.html

      For Ichetucknee News, http://www.ichetucknee.org/

      Original Denial of Ichetucknee Cement Plant Permit Application by
      DEP, http://www.metanet.org/im/mirror/depdenial.html
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