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Getting At The Root Of The Problem.

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  • jlarson@lurl.com
    Does anyone else have a hunch that most of the boys would be better off without testosterone? My friend s husband is cheating and about to destroy the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
      Does anyone else have a hunch that most of the boys would be better
      off without testosterone? My friend's husband is cheating and about to
      destroy the marriage, 2 kids the stuff that matters to him. A "nice
      guy" but in middle aged crisis.

      According to my friend he doesn't do much in her bed and what worksis
      his tongue which he stops too quick because he follows his erect you
      know what. A coworker stares all day and I'm not that good looking,
      definite reduction in his productivity payed for my efficiency. The
      relationship between testosterone and violence is well known, the
      list goes on and... Any vet will tell you that a little snipping makes
      males happier and healthier. The average guy in this society doesn't
      amount to much in size or duration, we might want to keep the studs,
      but if we could convince the rest of them that it's just a social
      myth, a symptom of male irrationality, that their "manhood" is
      important, the erect penis equal human theory
      is usually the least attractive part of them having little to do with
      courage, grace and intelligence, that testicles aren't essential,
      women do fine without them... At least make them start changing their
      focus on what's important.

      Then maybe a campaign to legalize castration on demand
      as a males right to control his body and women speaking openly and
      saying in a lot of cases we'd like a lot of guys better without them.
      Make it an option and shower hugs and kisses on the first volunteers,
      welcome them into lour world. At least make a movie. I for one would
      enjoy it and take great pleasure in all those guys wincing and the
      resulting thoughts, it would do them good. The thing is
      that I really think a lot of them would be better off without themand
      if it wasn't this male ego thing, it would be the choice they'd
      rationally make.

      If you agree with this then send it to your friends. We
      might start a movement. If nothing else it would be fun. We might
      even start an organization. Maybe some front organizations too.
      "Concerned Conservative Christians For Better Morality." That would
      make it hard for the republicans to snipe at us. And Just think, less
      sex and violence. Of course the sex might be better. If guys were less
      driven by their hormones they might be more able to go slow and easy,
      to enjoy the fullness of the erotic, to listen to the woman and use
      their most pleasing organs, mind, hands and tongue. If we need
      penetration we can get a dyke with a dildo or chose from a stable of
      studs, that small group of males that live up to the propaganda.

      But of course lots of males will pretend to which is why they should
      support us, they can claim that there's are a public service and a
      campaign like this will reduce the competition for women who want a
      meaningless fling. Once castration becomes respectable and a viable
      option, I'll bet there are big lines at the clinic. A lot of men
      suffer from this macho competition, they'd like to live an
      emotionally richer life, to be welcome among women. Humanity requires
      we give them the option.

      And just think men with testosterone levels approaching that of women
      will be sweeter, they will rouse slowly, savoring foreplay, the stroke
      of their hands on body, the taste on their tongues, sexual
      satisfaction for women at last!
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