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The Case for Nader in Battleground States

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  • elevans@aol.com
    This is good so it s being forwarded for consideration: Folks - Colorado is not a battleground state and my hometown newspaper had one of those full-page ads
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2000
      This is good so it's being forwarded for consideration:

      Folks - Colorado is not a battleground state and my hometown newspaper had
      one of those full-page ads today. It also had a presidential endorsement of
      Bush dictated to it by the parent CORPORATION, E.W. Scripps. I offer this
      to all and hope it is useful.

      1. Nader is very important to building the Green Party but in the end, it
      is the grassroots that is essential. If Nader gets 2% in Iowa, the
      fledgling Iowa Green Party gets a legally recognized ballot line in the
      state. That will permit it to run many more local candidates.. The New
      Mexico Green Party is well-established and has a ballot line but is under
      attack. New Mexico polls only mention Bush, Gore and other, refusing to
      include Nader despite a strong Green Party. Further, the Democratic
      Secretary of State "reinterpreted" state law, making it tougher for
      them to
      keep their current ballot line. Nader needs to get 5% in New Mexico for
      them to keep it. Should Nader supporters buckle under to these kinds of
      Democratic Party tactics and vote for Gore, or should they support a state
      Green Party that has demonstrated the ability to shift the political
      environment in the state?

      2. After the election, the Dems will get their best political hacks to try
      to figure out whether the "Nader factor" was a one-time splash, or
      ongoing problem. The commitment of voters to this cause will be key to
      this. So while votes for Nader in all states are of equal value in getting
      5%, votes for Nader in battleground states send a far stronger message that
      you won't be taken in by the fear campaign. It is the votes for Nader in
      Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, etc., that will ring the loudest
      and ignite the political Molotov that Michael Moore described.

      3. The best defense against a Republican government, should we get that, is
      clearly not the Democratic Party. They are willing to become Republican to
      get power. No, the best defense against the Republicans, and the Democrats
      for that matter, is a strong, growing, active, vibrant, and most
      importantly - confident - independent progressive movement. The street
      actions in Seattle, Washington D.C., Prague and elsewhere are one wing of
      this movement. The other is your vote for Ralph Nader on November 7.

      Please stand in solidarity with the Seattle protestors by voting for all
      Green Party candidates on November 7.

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