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Green Promotions mission statement

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    Why Green Promotions? Greens need a working base of capital to share the Green message in a meaningful manner, and to help create a viable Green Society
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2000
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      Why Green Promotions?

      Greens need a working base of capital to share the Green message in a
      meaningful manner, and to help create a viable Green Society parallel to the
      dominant societies. As these societies create needs, waste, and then continue
      to crumble, Greens will create sustainable lifestyles and sustainable
      economies in touch with ecological realities.

      Greens need places to promote their resources to develop working capital for
      their local, regional, and international projects. We intend to help Greens
      world-wide in this task. We know that commercial media and politicians twist
      the Green message, and they mislead the public with their misleading
      information and manufactured consent. Also, some corporations fear a break in
      their stranglehold over public policy by grassroots movements like the Greens
      and those Greens support. Politicians fear that a population educated to
      think critically in the practice of grassroots endeavors will destroy their
      political base of support, their comfort zone created by denying the
      ecological crisis and social injustices. The media fears that their
      multi-billion dollar advertising industry will be coopted by meaningful
      dialogue and critical thinking. That is, they fear a commercial free
      journalism. Between corporate propaganda and commercially influenced
      "journalism," humanity must somehow make ends meet while it has, in many
      cases, fallen prey to the propaganda that the above institutions promote. The
      Greens plan to change this state of affairs.

      Still, Election 2000 pointed out to the world the difficult of taking-on
      these institutions. Therefore, Greens must keep building on what we have
      begun, as we will help do here. We have learned much over the last several
      months, and we know that we must help others learn Green ideas.
      Unfortunately, an incremental approach to getting our message out will not
      do; our message must grow exponentially as soon as possible. We must make it
      impossible for the media to ignore us while we become the media. We must
      build a movement that has media presence, millions of individuals, and money.

      The founders of this site know that it is important to bring people together
      through entertainment. It is the tool that the established media has used to
      lull America into political apathy; we intend challenge the dominant media by
      sharing Green ideas through entertainment, Green fund raising, and Green
      business. We will do so locally, nationally, and internationally.

      We anticipate that Greens will use Green Promotions for promoting
      entertainment, fund raising, and business for supporting the International
      Green Movement, worldwide Green Parties, and environmental causes directly.
      We hope that Greens will model this idea elsewhere world-wide. We will
      "facilitate" a small part of the means to this end. Last, we intend to
      influence the growth of Green economics while helping to protect and preserve
      the grassroots nature of the Greens and have a good time doing it!

      Ed Evans
      Promote your Green fundraising, entertainment, and business at
      <A HREF="http://www.greenpromotions.com/">Gr</A><A
      HREF="http://www.greenpromotions.com/">een Promotions --
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