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A Vote for Gore is a Vote for Bush

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    September 6, 2000 Opinions : Editorial A Vote for Gore is a Vote for Bush by Paul Glover ... -- posted 08/27/00 During his U.S. Senate career (1985-93), Al
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      September 6, 2000

      Opinions : Editorial

      A Vote for Gore is a Vote for Bush
      by Paul Glover


      posted 08/27/00

      During his U.S. Senate career (1985-93), Al Gore voted to approve
      conservative anti-abortion justice Scalia to the Supreme Court. At heart a
      "pro-lifer," Gore received an 84 percent approval rating from the National
      Right to Life Committee for anti-abortion votes he cast while in the House
      (1977-85). By contrast, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action
      League rated Gore's House career decidedly anti-choice. Among the 30 votes
      the group scored against Gore was his "yea" in 1984 to define the word
      "person" under four existing civil rights laws to include "unborn children
      from the moment of conception." NARAL characterized that as a move toward an
      "all-out prohibition on abortion."

      This year, Gore has NARAL's endorsement only as a presumed lesser evil,
      because his "position has changed." Indeed, the abortion issue has seen many
      surprising turnarounds. The Senate's Democratic majority on the Judiciary
      Committee approved anti-abortion justice Clarence Thomas. Democratic
      President Clinton appointed anti-abortion justice Breyer, Democratic
      President John F. Kennedy appointed anti-abortion justice White, while Roe v.
      Wade was written by Republican President Nixon's appointee Blackmun, with
      concurrence of Nixon's appointee Burger. Republican President Bush appointed
      Souter, one of the most liberal current justices, who wrote the reaffirmation
      of Roe v. Wade in 1992. Republican President Eisenhower appointed liberals
      Brennan and Warren. Democratic President Truman appointed conservatives
      Burton, Vinson, Clark and Minton. And so on.

      Voters cannot be assured Gore will protect the Supreme Court. However, were
      Al Gore elected, you can be sure we'd have Executive endorsement of (or
      acquiescence to) GATT, NAFTA, WTO, death penalty, Star Wars, nuclear arsenal,
      arms sales, prison-industrial complex, "50,000 more police on our streets,"
      fat cat elections and ever-greater lesser evils, clearcuts, mining of public
      land, oil spills (Occidental), Oil Wars, crackdown on legal protest, no
      national health plan, tax breaks for rich, higher taxes for middle class,
      welfare repeal, ever-more children in poverty, War on Drugs, union-busting,
      corporate-sponsored education, Iraq embargo, the School of the Americas.

      By now, Clinton's presidency should have taught progressive voters that a
      cute smile can mask bitterly conservative willingness, after elections, to
      sell out environmentalists, labor, middle-class taxpayers, small businesses,
      African-Americans, and women.

      Had progressives begun twenty years ago voting our own platforms (ecology,
      social justice, nonviolence, grassroots control) rather than fearing greater
      evils (which we got anyway), then today we'd have a strong electoral
      challenge to the devastation noted above.

      Your choice is not whether this devastation will continue, but whether it
      will continue with the Green Party established as a national party (needing
      5% of total vote), with federal matching funds, helping to raise stronger
      challenges to corporate government.

      Editor's Note: For more information contact:

      Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader: http://www.votenader.org
      New York State Green Party: http://www.greens.org/ny
      Tompkins County Green Party listserv: write to majordomo@..., send
      message: subscribe green-l <your e-mail>
      Nader vs. Gore debate: write to NadervsGore-subscribe@egroups.com.
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