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Re: Eck Spiritual Skills Seminar, etc.

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Ingrid! I threw out most of my eck stuff too, but as you say some still creeps out of dark corners! I think there is a large photo of Harold in a
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 9, 2005
      Hi, Ingrid!

      I threw out most of my eck stuff too, but as you say some still
      creeps out of dark corners! I think there is a large photo of Harold
      in a closet--I'm thinking of using it as a dart board or something
      like it! LOL!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Prometheus,
      > > I see that there is an extention to sign-up for this March 24-27
      > > seminar and that there will even be workshops at the new Eck
      > > Spiritual Center... whoopee! The extention must mean that not as
      > > many people are signing up as they had hoped. Even late March in
      > > Minnesota can produce nasty weather. So why not choose Florida
      > > instead! Too bad Harold isn't more sensitive to his followers.
      > I cannot understand why those seminars are held in one place only
      > from this year on! I guess it's because Harold doesn't want to
      > travel. :-)) OK, the place in Chanhassen is nice, and while I
      > was an Eckist, I liked the temple very much and had a coming-home
      > feeling. But I don't think I would like to travel there every
      > It's not that nice ... :-))
      > > I think back to all of the money I spent on travel, hotels, and
      > food
      > > at these seminars and it amazes me how much money people spend
      > going
      > > to these redundant events. However, it was nice to see old
      > > and do some sight-seeing (of sorts).
      > It's amazing for sure. It depends on the priorities you have. My
      > husband and me sometimes went to such a seminar, but not too
      > You just have to decide what you want. We didn't always want to
      > a seminar, though! :-) But sometimes we decided to attend one and
      > then we liked it. But I know eckists who travel to Minneapolis
      > year. They don't have much money so they travel by car from
      > every year. It's exhausting for sure, and their health is not the
      > best. But they want to do it, so they do it - each and every year.
      > always amazed me because I think there are for sure things you can
      > at home that are as spiritual as going to the worldwide?? :-)
      > > I threw away
      > > hundreds of dollars worth of books, discourses, pocket posters,
      > > brochures, HU cards, etc. when I left one year ago. My wife and
      > > probably spent at least $30,000 in just attending seminars and
      > > $3,000 on study materials and vahana stuff. This of course
      > > cover the yearly donation which probably over the years totaled
      > > around $15,000 at least!
      > We threw away all of our books and pictures and things, too! And
      > there are still things turning up from dark corners from time to
      > time! The last book I have is the leadership handbook for
      initiates 2-
      > 4. I will give that to a new eckist who needs to read it for final
      > decision whether she shall stay or not. Before giving it away, I
      > it through. It's quite clear to me that the goal has been since a
      > very long time ... recruiting new members. That's why this
      > was set up. It's good that I didn't get around to finish it
      > after 2 sessions I started to read Ford Johnson's book and then my
      > husband and I left! :-)
      > > Anyway, if anyone wants to vent some anger or frustration for
      > > years of deception and share some information or insights please
      > > feel free to do so. I'm amazed at the new clarity of mind and
      > > freedom I now feel from having left Eckankar. I still have some
      > > books and even have an Eckist friend fax me her Mystic World and
      > > sometimes her H.I. Letter when I ask. When I re-read these books
      > and
      > > look at Paul Twitchell's or Harold's words with more clarity and
      > > scrutiny I can now see the truth behind their deceptions.
      > Yes the mind gets very clear, doesn't it? It's so good! And it's
      > true, too, that when you read those books with your "new" eyes,
      > deceptions are quite obvious. The problem is that there's truth in
      > the teaching, but it's somehow distorted and twisted - it's truth,
      > and then it's not truth. That's quite confusing.
      > Thanks for the site!
      > Ingrid
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