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Important Points- The Loser Eck Master

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Pretujari, Thank you for the post. Klemp does have two faces doesn t he! He speaks from both sides of his mouth and says one thing here and another
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 5, 2006
      Hello Pretujari,

      Thank you for the post. Klemp does have two faces doesn't he! He
      speaks from both sides of his mouth and says one thing here and
      another thing, that negates his previous words, over there! The five
      passions and five virtues are all mixed in together! The confusion
      he creates helps to keep his followers off balance and always
      guessing. They come to believe that their lack of comprehension is
      due to a lack of spiritual consciousness and that the Mahanta
      (Klemp) is soooo much more advanced than they are. They also come to
      believe that the higher initiations will, eventually, help to clear
      the fog. LOL! The real truth is that Klemp can only become
      more "spiritually" advanced, than the rest of us, when people buy
      into Twitchell's original scam and become Eckists! Otherwise, Klemp
      is just a has-been farmer/Luthern student minister and multi-
      millionaire that wears cheap suits for his show-and-tell seminar
      circus acts! The two faces of Klemp are physical and Astral. He has
      become quite vain in "writing" as many books as he can. However,
      most of the material for his books comes from others. In actuality
      Eckists, via initiate reports, become Klemp's ghost writers! Clever,
      since he gets all of the credit for something anyone could do.

      I would like to make more comments in response to the below post.
      However, I will just comment on your first point.

      pretujari wrote:

      Two very important points have been made here recently which I think
      need to be emphasised.

      The first is in the posting by Dolly, and the circumstances of how
      she left Eckankar. This happened through communication from Spirit,
      and her cooperation with It. Her experience is an example of the All-
      knowingness of Universal Consciousness in expression, and
      cultivating and deepening our relationship with It is the only way
      to go in spiritual exploration and growth.

      ***True, and Klemp states on page 211 of Those Wonderful ECK Masters
      that, "Actual inner experiences help one move to a greater
      understanding of the ways of divine revelation." Therefore, (using
      this criteria) Dolly had an "actual" inner experience and divine

      Again, her experience is a revealing indictment on Eckankar and the
      false claims by Klemp to be the carrier of Universal Consciousness.
      Surely, he cannot be this Consciousness if this same Consciousness,
      practically himself, revealed the lie and deception about himself
      and his org to one of his own chelas. I guess Dolly's experience is
      one of a Kal agent versus the true Spiritual Consciousness, so I say
      will the real Kal agent please stand up!

      ***The real Kal agent is Klemp! On page 211 Klemp continues to show
      his own anger by reversing the Mahanta's responsibility to his
      chelas and plays the "blame game" by saying, "a headstrong follower
      always tries to fix blame on the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master when
      his attempts to advance in Eck come to nothing. BUT such an attitude
      changes nothing. The individual is a loser and will continue to be a
      loser until he adopts the practices of a winner... I'm used to such
      misdirected slings." Prior to his tirade Klemp says, "BUT IF he
      chooses to hang on to shopworn karmic debts due to, say, an
      inability to control some mental passion or habit like anger, then
      his momentum stops." [Notice the BUT and BUT IF] Once again, this
      proves that Klemp has two faces just as does an agent for the Kal.
      He says one thing and then negates it! Some Eckists will rationalize
      and say that the Master is teaching with "tough love" but perhaps
      they should remember those nasty comments and negativity directed at
      that TEMPORARY POSTAL CLERK (Non-Eckist) in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter!
      When Eckists can rationalize this away they are the losers of truth!

      ***Yes, it's quite amusing that the Eck Initiations, which cause so
      much frustration for Eckists, are now causing frustration for Klemp!
      LOL! The "headstrong followers" Klemp mentioned are really
      independent minded and are getting fed up with the inconsistencies,
      double-talk, and double standards surrounding the initiations. It
      all helps to show that the initiations have no foundation or reality
      except in one's own mind, written in Twitchell's Shariyat, or on an
      Eck I.D. card! <smile> If there are higher inner initiations, of
      sorts, they are Not exclusive to Eckankar or exclusive to followers
      of religion per se. The initiations are for Soul's own unfoldment
      (not a goal) and are independent of any "intercession" by other

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