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Re: From a.r.e. - a genuine question to detractors

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  • prometheus_973
    Many Eckists including those posting on A.R.E., ChelaChat, and HU- Chat are desperate for logical and truthful answers to all of the contradictions found in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2006
      Many Eckists including those posting on A.R.E., ChelaChat, and HU-
      Chat are desperate for logical and truthful answers to all of the
      contradictions found in Eckankar's dogma. I'll give a brief response
      to Brian's questions further down in this post. However, I'm not so
      sure that those who point out the lies and share the truth about
      Eckankar should be labeled as "detractors."

      I know that Klemp and Company don't like groups like ESA because an
      informed public is more wary of scams and cults. However, Klemp
      himself is the real reason for the decrease in membership (fees or
      donations) caused by word getting out about the workings and
      behaviour of the e-cult. An increase in the dropout rate for all
      religions is high and that is because they have nothing of real
      value to give their members. And, I'm sure that the membership
      decline for Eckankar also affects market share through a related
      decline material sales as well. Money is the real bottom line with
      any business and/or religion.

      ctecvie wrote:

      Hello all,
      this was posted today on a.r.e. - quite an interesting topic I
      think ...

      Happy 2006 to all posters,

      A genuine question to detractors.
      by "Brian Fletcher" <brianf88@[EMAIL PROTECTED] > Jan 2, 2006 at
      01:04 PM

      [Q] To those of you who joined and left, were you disappointed that
      you didn't experience what you expected?

      [A] Yes and No. Yes, I was disappointed to discover that there are
      two very different groups of Eckists and that both groups have
      people who have very high initiations. This showed me that the
      initiations were both political and according to time served. No, I
      was not disappointed as long as I believed the lies and distortions.

      [Q] If you believe the whole org is/was a sham, do you believe there
      is such a state of enlightenment achievable in this life?

      [A] Actually, I know that Eckankar is a "scam." I see it, know it
      and understand it for what it is. One has to remember and realize
      why we were attracted to Eckankar in the first place. We are/were
      spiritual seekers looking for answers from those who appeared, at
      first glance, to know more than us. Unfortunately, we stopped
      questioning (law of silence) and thinking for ourselves as we bought
      into more and more of the Eck speak and ideology.

      But, back to the answer... IMO Consciousness naturally expands
      through degrees of enlightenment that bring forth clarity as it
      shifts with our focus of perception.

      [Q] If so, how do you expect it to happen?

      [A] In degrees. It requires the Spiritual Freedom from all
      attachments including those that bind Soul to dogma, guidelines,
      hierarchies and fear.

      [Q] If not, what beliefs (not labels per se) do you feel strongly
      about. Would you describe your affinity as belief, or based on an

      [A] N/A However, I must say that Eckankar prints stories based on
      epiphanies as proof of its validity. Even at that, however, only
      half of those stories are true! I happen to know that many are
      embellishments, distortions, or completely false as to trick the
      Kal. A negative (lie) against a negative (the Kal) equals a positive
      (Eck membership)! So, it's all good!

      I will also add that I enjoy epiphanies. Sometimes they are just not
      bursts and last much longer and come more often since leaving
      Eckankar. But, the lack of that stress involving initiation,
      trainings, local duties and vahana work is really sweet! Try it some

      Asked in the spirit of (hopefully) constructive dialogue.

      Me: Actually, I don't really want to attempt a dialogue with an
      Eckist. Been there done that. You see, I've been where they are now,
      however, they cannot be "here" where I am now. Therefore, how can
      there be a real dialogue?

      p.s. Thanks for the post Ingrid. Have a Happy and Wonderful 2006!
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