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The Eckankar LexiCON... A "Must Read" For All Eckists!

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  • prometheus_973
    AS ABOVE, SO BELOW is a PSYCHIC PHILOSOPHY. This definition is found on page 51 of the Eckankar Lexicon for doctrine of cycles and is: DOCTRINE OF
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2005
      "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" is a "PSYCHIC PHILOSOPHY." This definition is
      found on page 51 of the Eckankar Lexicon for "doctrine of cycles"
      and is:

      PSYCHIC PHILOSOPHY, which is: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW." [my caps]

      I find it interesting how brainwashed most Eck leaders are. Watch
      out when they start to sound like an intro brochure when discussing
      anything Eck. How many times has the term of "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW"
      been used without really knowing what it pertains to?! Really, I
      encourage all Eckists to read "A Cosmic Sea of Words, The Eckankar
      Lexicon" from cover to cover. Do some basic research within the
      pages of the Lexicon and highlight etc. when researching the words,
      terms, and people used in the definitions. Check it out and open
      your mind to see truth! Eckists really should be more informed
      anyway about the sources and meanings within the Eckankar teachings
      and the Eck belief system.

      I decided to compare the definitions beginning with "A" in Paul
      Twitchell's "Eckankar Dictionary" with Klemp's "Eckankar Lexicon."
      These are the words/terms of Twitchell's that Klemp omitted:

      ABHASA- The psychological process that takes place as Soul becomes
      the many within the Godhead. (known as the Trika religious system to
      the Hindus).

      ACARYA- A spiritual teacher; a title that is given to high ranking
      adepts in the ECK Order of the Vairagi.

      ACHKAN- A knee-length coat with closed collar.

      AD ECK- The primal Word.

      AMBICA- Goddess of destruction.

      ANCIENT SCROLL- Poem collection of FUBBI QUANTZ a great ECK Master.
      See BYTAG, THE.

      ATOMS- A tiny uncovered sphere of empty space, with nothing in the
      center but electrons, which are separated from each other by space
      (which is enormous compared to the size of an electron). Electrons
      are held together by energy, which impels them to circle around
      their centers. Each electron is nothing but an empty vortex hole of
      energy in empty space. Atoms make the molecules which is the stream
      of consciousness, and the movement of these molecules make the Sound
      and their reflection the Light, which are the twin manifestations of
      the ECK.

      AYATANA- The twelve sources of mental processes.

      AYURWEDIC- Ancient Tibetan medical science.

      Klemp's spin on this term, on page 18, of the LexiCON is:

      "Ayur Vedha. The ECK system for renewing the body's health to look
      and feel younger. See also Kaya Kalp."

      Strange that Klemp doesn't use this "ECK system" for himself... he's
      in desperate need of renewal of health, and it wouldn't hurt him to
      look and feel younger! Once again, the peudo Master and 3rd
      LEM/Mahanta can only do the 'talk' and Not the 'walk' because he's a
      phoney! And, this also goes to show how Twitch, Gross, and now Klemp
      created and continue the lie by making anything and anyone of value,
      throughout history, as something exclusive to the "ECK" teachings
      and of Eckankar! The theft and rewrite of history is what keeps the
      CON going.


      Anyway, I also found some words/terms where Klemp changed the
      spelling. These are:

      AMERETATAT to Ameretal
      AMESHSPENTA to Amesha Spentas
      ANAHAG CHAKRA to Anahata chakra
      ASA-VAHISTA to Asha-Vahista

      Now, here are the words/terms that Klemp added to his Lexicon:

      Abundant Fruits, Years of the
      Ahura Mazda
      Akashar Purusha
      Anami Purusha
      Ancient One
      Arahata, The Year of the
      Assumption, Law of
      Attitudes, Law of

      By the way, "Asurati Lok" is found on page 15 of the Lexicon.
      Strange that this "The Desert world... in the Gobi Desert" and
      location for a Golden Wisdom Temple is Not a listed Plane. And "Lok"
      means Plane. So why is the "Asurati" Plane Not on the God Worlds
      Chart? What excuse does the Mahanta Consciousness (Klemp) have for

      Okay, here's the last tidbit... for now. The seven colors Klemp (the
      LEM/Mahanta) gives for the "astral rays" on page 14 are: "BLACK,
      red, green, blue, orange, yellow, and white." Since when is "BLACK"
      a color?! Black is the absence of light! Why isn't the Mahanta
      and "special incarnation of Sugmad" more aware than this? If Klemp
      really was all he claims the Mahanta (himself) to be then this is
      very scary! What else has he screwed up?! <Yipe!>

      How can someone claiming to be the Mahanta have written something so
      stupid! Yet, this is just one more of the things that Eckists just
      accept! The truth is that Eckankar is a scam and a bad joke for
      those who still believe that it has spiritual value. Real Truth
      seekers need to look elsewhere... like to their own Mastership!
      Eckankar was somewhat of an interesting diversion (or Not) on our
      spiritual journey, but it lasted way too long for most of us. People
      want/need to believe so much that they close their eyes and ears to
      logic and common sense and stop asking questions. Eckankar can't
      withstand scrutiny and critical thinking, and this is the real
      reason as to why questions are discouraged. Local members (Eckists)
      are controlled by the egocentric ESC and local volunteer hierarchy
      using dogma that belittles a member's consciousness when they have
      too many questions. Eventually, chelas learn Not to ask questions
      and to accept all they are told because people generally want to fit
      in. People have an adversion to conflict and will normally accept
      and comply to social standards, rules, guidelines, and laws from
      authority figures.

      Later I'll have to discuss Paul's real Radasoami (Eck) Master Kirpal
      Singh (aka Rebazar Tarzs) and The Tiger's Fang. : ))

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