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Re: one contradiction

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  • Freefrom
    Prometheus wrote: Twitchell recognized the scam of religion and decided to create his own. Aint that the truth. ;- ) Freefrom
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 27, 2005
      Prometheus wrote:

      "Twitchell recognized the scam of religion and decided to create his

      Aint that the truth. ;- )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Jamie,
      > Yes, and the contradictions cause Eckists to give up trying to
      > understand or figure out what is really going on. It is always
      > easier to follow a leader than to become your own Master.
      > Contradictions in dogma cause Eckists to just accept and believe
      > what they are told is true or exclusive to the Eck teachings. Klemp
      > plays on the vanity and fear of people in order to control them. Of
      > course, testimonials always help to re-enforce these beliefs in Eck
      > Masters and the Mahanta's powers as well. However, many of these
      > same "herd" control methods are used with Scientology and other
      > cults and scams, and it all originated in orothodox religion. Over
      > time these control techniques of service, money, and promises spread
      > to even the off-shoot sects of other sects... like Eckankar.
      > Twitchell recognized the scam of religion and decided to create his
      > own. It was his way of being both a rebel by making himself the Lord
      > over all of them, and a way to satisfy his 33 year younger wife's
      > (Gail) desires of status and financial security. Gross and Klemp
      > just continued the pyramid scheme (hierarchy) and con.
      > Prometheus
      > jamie wrote:
      > there are so very many contradictions in the eck stuff, but here is
      > one i always had trouble with: in twitchell's books he talks again
      > and again about the fact that a spiritual path is an INDIVIDUAL
      > thing; a solitary thing. there is one passage where he talks at
      > some length about people who are always wanting to have meetings,
      > and groups, and classes, etc - and he says these kinda people are
      > not the REAL DEAL. they are not really God seekers.
      > but then, he pushes the idea of pushing eckankar. and heaven knows
      > that the eckankar of today is totally group consciousness. one cant
      > hardly get an initiation unless they are imbedded in the group's
      > consciousness.
      > back when i was a part of the local eck community, i could see this
      > uncomfortable contradiction at work. trying to be a part of the
      > group, and yet walk toward individuality. it was enuff to rock
      > anyone's mental boat.
      > jamie.....
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