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Re: No wonder Harold did a lot of editing!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, The problem that many Eckists have, with reading Ford s book Confessions, is that they are fearful of the book and believe that words which
    Message 1 of 13 , Dec 18, 2005
      Hi Mish,

      The problem that many Eckists have, with reading Ford's
      book "Confessions," is that they are fearful of the book and believe
      that words which criticize Eckankar are negative. Therefore, why
      would someone, an Eckist, that is so pure, positive, and spiritual
      <smile> want to expose theirself to negativity? They forget,
      however, that negativity surrounds them and all of us, and that one
      should not deny it exists. Negativity (conflict) is a means to
      personal and spiritual growth... is it not?

      Many current Eckists who have "read" Confessions of a God Seeker
      actually did a speed read because of their fear. They feared that
      doubt would enter their minds and that Eckankar would not be able to
      withstand the scruntiny of truth which they have denied seeing and
      questioning over the years. Therefore, these Eckists (and some
      former Eckists) did a "Paul Twitchell" and skimmed Confessions, but
      did so with a closed or semi-closed mind. People, in general, are
      fearful of change and of having comfortable delusions and
      rationalizations shattered. Eckankar, and religion in general, is
      like having your own private and indestructible "spiritual" security
      blanket. Yours keeps you safe, it's always better than the next
      person's, you are always farther along with a personal relationship
      with the Inner (Whatever), or can see from a higher perspective...
      right?! This is simply how our minds (and egos) work and there are
      those who take advantage of this.

      Paul Twitchell was not unique when we look at history. There are
      thousands and thousands of con men and women doing their own unique
      scam at any given moment! This has always been the case! Some of
      these people even have good intentions, at times, but what they sell
      is what they can see we all want and need. Is it any wonder that
      both financial and spiritual security (peace of mind) is such big

      Happy Holidays Everyone!


      mishmisha wrote:
      Hi Leigh,
      Proof of this confusion is readily seen in the posts by eckists on
      the non-official eck chat sites--if you care to check out Chela Chat
      and Hu Chat. They seem to have a problem agreeing about what is
      meant in the teachings! As for karma, eckists, instead of getting
      rid of it, seem to rope more and more of it in, because they feel
      they have to deal with certain situations/relationships instead of
      saying "I pass." LOL!

      Many struggle hanging in unhealthy relationships because they are
      looking for the higher meaning of it all--and try to make something
      work that is too badly broken to begin with. I believe that eckists
      are taught to be delusional more than any other thing and this is
      what they are "learning from the teachings!" LOL!

      Too bad they won't read Ford Johnson's book "Confessions of a God
      Seeker" so that a light bulb might be turned on in their muddled
      minds. It's really sad. This also applies to those former eckists
      who continue to cling to the "truths" they learned in eckankar--they
      still want to believe that they evolved because of those special eck

      The truth is (IMO) that they will not evolve until they let go of
      this delusional eck thinking--and until they accept the fact they
      were duped by the false/deceptive teachings in eckankar, these
      individuals will also continue to operate in a delusional state of
      consciousness and remain stuck, much like the eckists who remain
      trapped in eckankar right now.

      Happy Holidays to you too, and of course to everyone else who
      participates by posting and/or reading here!

    • prometheus_973
      Hi Ingrid, It seems that this Eckist doesn t understand his place in the hierarchy. Under the RESA structure one must be a team member and follow the rules
      Message 2 of 13 , Dec 18, 2005
        Hi Ingrid,
        It seems that this Eckist doesn't understand his place in the
        hierarchy. Under the RESA structure one must be a team member and
        follow the rules (spoken and unspoken), know the Mahanta's mission,
        but especially comply with the written guidelines. Does he know
        there are even guidelines for postering? I was quite an enthusiastic
        vahana at one time, but eventually mellowed when I continuously saw
        the overwhelming flaws. How could such flaws exist in H.I. chelas
        and the Eckankar org if this was the highest spiritual path in all
        of the universes of Sugmad?! This was very confusing, didn't make
        sense, and caused me a lot of conflict! This chela (a 4th?) will
        never be trusted with a higher initiation if he cannot work within
        or understand the RESA structure. The standards are much stricter
        for today's Eckists than in the past. However, this is the big
        problem with Eckankar... all of those old timer H.I.s that reject
        the Guidelines! I don't blame them! Eckankar has become very
        controlling, narrow of focus, and a top heavy business (religion)!
        And, that glass ceiling of initiation (the 7th) is starting to show
        more cracks! LOL!


        Ingrid wrote:

        Today, we met an eckist who has brought quite some members to
        Eckankar. He is confused, too, because he has been a member for 24
        years now and really has done more than his share - but still no 5th
        initiation. The thing is that he isn't very complying to the
        guidelines, has never sent in any initiation reports and such. He
        knows that he doesn't fit and that this is why. He was excluded from
        vahana work by the resas. He said that some months ago, he had seen
        that a postering workshop was planned and asked himself why he was
        not asked because that was what he had been doing for 20 years or
        so. Well, he is still very much into the "higher/lower/master"
        stuff, but we have given him the website address for background
        information about Eckankar.

        The Eckist I spoke of wanted to know in one sentence what Ford's
        book was all about. No way to tell him in one sentence! It's even
        not possible to describe Eckankar in one sentence. I finally broke
        it down to "I can have all the love and protection I need without
        the mahanta".

        They are still stuck in that higher/lower thinking. Just as this
        Eckist said that a certain tincture he is making comes from
        the "highest and purest" source. I told him that it was highest and
        purest because his heart was in it. So weird, at least for me, to
        think that there is a "highest" out there whereas we can find it in
        our own heart if we are pure and honest!

        Happy Holidays to all, too!

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