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The Eck View: A Privilege To Be Conned by Twitchell

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I was looking at Paul Twitchell Presents: The Wisdom Notes Vol. 1 No. 1 January 1, 1968. I now see where Klemp kept Twitchell s The Wisdom Notes
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2005
      Hi All,

      I was looking at "Paul Twitchell Presents: The Wisdom Notes Vol. 1
      No. 1 January 1, 1968." I now see where Klemp kept Twitchell's "The
      Wisdom Notes" for his own PR use. Klemp still gets much of his
      spiritual material from Twitchell's writings. Anyway, I saw
      something rather interesting and once again see where Twitchell was
      having fun with his imagination in creating "Those Wonderful ECK

      PT: "Next, I wish to say that Rebazar Tarzs will be in communication
      with many of the initiates and will give instructions on certain
      parts of the path which each individual must gain for himself. Since
      we are free and individually follow the same path of the Sugmad
      personal instruction is needed."

      Me: This is interesting! We are free individuals, but need personal
      instruction! When does Klemp give personal instruction... at his
      shallow seminar talks I would guess! On the same note... way back in
      1968 the world consciousness or Eck/Mahanta Consciousness was such
      that Rebazar was in communication with many chelas and gave
      them "instructions on certain parts of the path." Notice also that
      Eckankar was a "path" and not a religion. But, the bigger question
      is, "Has Eckankar (and consciousness) progressed/expanded with Klemp
      in charge? I think Not!

      PT: "Therefore, I will teach each individually on the inner and
      outer planes. As stated many times Rebazar Tarzs will take over the
      instruction, as well as many of the others like Fubbi Quantz, Yaubl
      Sacabi, Rami Nuri, Gopal Das, Shamus-i-Tabriz, Sato Kuraj, Lai Tsi,
      Nirguna Ekam, and Melarepa (sic). These are the ECK masters or what
      we call the spiritual travelers on the inner planes who will guide
      us and teach in the Golden Wisdom temples."

      Me: I wonder how often Klemp visits his chelas on the inner and
      teaches them? James Davis might have something to say about that!
      How can Eckists believe any of this crap? How gullible, delusional,
      or insanely out-of-balance (and hopeful or fearful) does one "need"
      to be? Both very needy (fearful) and vain it would seem! It's not
      really a paradox to be both... they compliment one another!

      So is Twitchell implying that he was still being "guided" too?
      By the way, it's "MILAREPA" with an "i."

      Here's some really funny stuff by Twitch. "Rami Nuri. The ECK Master
      who is the guardian of the holy book, the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, on the
      Pinda Lok, the physical world, at the House of Moksha, Temple of
      Golden Wisdom in the city of Retz, Venus. The letter M appears on
      his forehead. He served as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master."
      [pg.172 Eckankar Lexicon]

      So, the city of Retz, Venus is here on the physical plane! And
      science can't prove or disprove this? Really! This is a test for
      Eckists. If you can believe this then you should mindlessly be able
      to believe and accept anything told to you! Really it's true!

      And, with Sato Kuraj... "The letter A appears on his forehead." [pg.
      183 Eckankar Lexicon]

      Here's the thing, what was Twitchell spelling? Did Twitch ever get
      around to creating an ECK Master with an "I" that appears on his
      forehead because then he could spell "I AM." Or was he spelling
      MAhanta? Nah! Twitch hadn't created the Mahanta (top dog, beyond
      reproach) title as yet!

      Here's something from the November 1, 1969 "The Wisdom Notes."
      PT: "Those who are able to go beyond the seventh level, known as the
      Initiates of the Seventh Circle, become the adepts of ECK. They are
      taken into the ancient Order of the Vairagis and taught the inner
      secrets of life. There are twelve of these levels so far and with
      each there will be a section of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad translated
      from the respective Temples of Golden Wisdom on the spiritual
      planes. Those who are initiates of the different levels of
      initiation will receive first the books of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad to
      study and grasp the principles of those particular planes which
      correspond with their circle of initiation." [pg.47]

      Me: Actually, 8th initiates are Not Adepts today! Maybe they were
      back then, but it seems Klemp has regressed the consciousness by Not
      taking on enough karma to get "his" chelas to those higher planes!
      It is also strange that Twitch said that, "There are twelve of these
      levels so far." I guess his religious theft was still in a state of

      There was one more thing that I saw from Twitch that Klemp seems to
      omit. Twitchell closed by saying, "My love protects you.
      Affectionately, Paul" Then again, Klemp stated in his 2005 EWWS talk
      that, "Love is for relationships. Otherwise you don't need it much."
      But, let's face the truth... Eckankar is just a con like all
      religions. Dogma, myth, illusion, belief, hope, need, purpose, fear
      and imagination are what supports the collective fabrics of various
      societies. But, one can go beyond these organized collections of
      stagnant "spiritual" consciousness.

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