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ZOHAR AND SEPHER more Eck fiction by P.T. & the Astral Tisra Til

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Leigh, Eckankar s take on the Tisra Til and the whole chakra thing is Astral too! I was looking at another part of The Path of the Masters and saw where
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 3, 2005
      Hi Leigh,

      Eckankar's take on the Tisra Til and the whole chakra thing is
      Astral too! I was looking at another part of "The Path of the
      Masters" and saw where (pgs. 443-446) the Tisra Til is "the seat of
      mind and soul." The (Radhasoami) Masters "begin their concentration
      at Tisra Til, and from there they go on up. If one begins there, the
      next station above Tisra Til is Ashta-dal-Kanwal, the lotus of eight
      pedals, and the next above that is the true center of all the Astral
      worlds. Its name is Sahasra-dal-Kanwal, and this is the first of the
      great regions traversed by the Masters on their upward journey."

      The spiritual exercise technique used most often in Eckankar, and
      which is listed in "The Master 4 Discourses," is to use the Tisra
      Til [a.k.a. The Third Eye; Spiritual Eye; Mind's Eye; Seat of Soul;
      Shivanetra, the eye of Shiva; Nukta-i-saveda; the Tenth Door].

      However, do Eckists realize that using the TISRA TIL is an ASTRAL
      PLANE technique? I never realized it before!

      "Sahasra-dal-Kanwal. sah-HAHS-rah-dahl-KAHN-wahl The CROWN CHAKRA,
      the thousand-pedaled lotus; the capital city of the ASTRAL PLANE,
      and the Mountain of Light at the top of the Astral; the powerhouse
      of lights. Also Astral City, City of Lights." [Eckankar Lexicon,

      Amazing! All of those years we were told that the focus on the Tisra
      Til would get us to the Soul Plane and beyond! However, even
      focusing on the Crown Chakra (higher than the Tisra Til) only gets
      Soul to the top of the ASTRAL PLANE! All of those colored lights
      (including blue) that many Eckists see... are probably from
      the "Astral City, City of Lights!"

      I (like most chelas) just accepted and trusted that what "they" were
      saying was true! I never really bothered to check! Why would someone
      lie about "Spiritual" matters, especially, when knowing about Karma!
      Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you... Mr. Klemp!


      Leigh wrote:

      Hi Prometheus:
      That's a good piece of detective work. The Sepher/Zohar People,
      Sephiroth/Zohar (Spendor) one. But we're also looking at a couple of
      individual trees and missing the forest, here. Sepher, Sephiroth,
      are cognates from the same root - sep, or sept - where our
      word "seven" comes from also. Thr larger issue is that this is all
      astral plane b.s. from the classical formula. That is, the astral
      plane has seven levels, planes, or divisions in it. This goes WAY
      back (originally) to sun worship (sunlight, when it's broken down in
      the atmosphere by water (rain in the distance) or through the
      convention of a prism, breaks down into the seven wavelengths that
      compose it. Red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, violet). The
      cabala is pure astral plane b.s. used in the conventional way to try
      to make of something of "God" or explain flux. This gets even more
      involved when you go beyond the conventional delusion of "jivatma"
      to "atma", "paramatma", and "adiatma". The "golden wisdom" Eckankar
      uses and is keyed into is pure imagination. The "gold" color always
      indicates imagination.

      The thing is, it's all nonsense. All of this kind of stuff but has
      been used over time by mankind to give itself a collective purpose,
      develop cultures, and so on.


      Prometheus wrote:

      Hi L2eigh,

      I have to agree that this could be a factor at times. On these Zohar
      and Sepher examples, however, I'm thinking that Twitch was in a rush
      to create new material for his scam and used the same source
      material for both. This is why we can see a relationship to the two

      On the other hand, Twitch could have been playing with us and did
      this as a game of sorts. Twitch was somewhat clever and egotistical,
      and this might have been his way of having the last laugh on those
      followers and critics who were more educated (Ph.Ds).

      Also, Twitch might have assumed that no one else would have done the
      research that he had done and would never find his source material
      or see the correlation.

      Another factor is, Why would anyone Not beleive him? Why would
      Twitch lie about Rebazar Tarzs or the rest of it? Hmmmmmm. So, it
      seems Twitch did consciously use obscure parts of anything and
      everything and redefined it to suit his purpose at the time.

      And, it does seem like Twitch was a compulsive liar as well! After
      awhile his mind became so deluded that he probably couldn't even
      decipher any real truth for himself. It seems like the double dupe
      was doubled with delusion! It's no wonder that Eckists find most of
      this confusing and complex and decide to just surrender their minds
      and wills to the Klempster.


      "l2eigh" lgrif wrote:

      Hi Prometheus:
      In your post to Mish you indicate how the mind produces views for us
      out of stuff we've crammed into it. Don't you think J.P.T. was
      falling for this as well? This Zohar/Sephiroth, Zohar/Sepher thing
      seems to be a perfect example. So often in the past six years I've
      seen people expressing the view that a lot of the junk was
      consciously engineered. I think this gives the people we're talking
      about WAY too much credit for being clever. I think far more often
      (particularly when you look at the volume of stuff) it's a case of
      someone spitting out something their mind had thrown up at them to
      experience. This makes them a double dupe, really. First they cram
      their mind full of stuff, then it kicks it back to them as best it
      can, and THEN they believe it, as is, without any critical review !


      Prometheus wrote:
      The Eckankar Lexicon has proof of Twitchell's scam. . . if only
      Eckists would really read it and do the research! In "The Path of
      the Masters" (Twitchell's primary resource book) on pages 161-168
      is a very interesting discussion of the Kabbalah. "The En Soph,
      therefore, was compelled to create the world in an indirect manner
      by ten emanations from the infinite light which he was, and in which
      he dwelt. These ten emanations are the ten Sephiroth, or Splendors
      of the Infinite One... each of these Sephiroth was represented by a
      Divine name and by an Angelic name... During the middle ages exiled
      Jewry kept itself alive by various mystical interpretations of its
      mission and destiny as expressed in a vast Kabbalistic literature,
      which ultimately found its most unified, most perfect expression in
      the Zohar, called the 'Book of Splendor.' This book did something
      which even the Bible and Talmud had ignored. It discovered for the
      materialistic Jew a new and hitherto unknown Kingdom: the Kingdom
      of the soul."

      Notice the words "Zohar" and "Sephiroth." Now let's look at the
      Eckankar Lexicon.

      "Zohar, the. ZOH-hahr A future ROOT RACE who will come from a far
      distant planet to colonize the world after the destruction in the
      twenty-first and twenty-second centuries, but they will fail and
      after several centuries will withdraw. See also Sepher."[pg. 243]

      "Sepher. SEHP-hehr The ECK Master who will be responsible for the
      spiritual welfare of the Zohar, the ROOT RACE who will colonize ..."
      [pg. 187]

      So, I think that we can all see how Twitch created another "Eck
      Master" Seph(er) and a new root race (Zohar) to go with him.
      [Zohar/Sephiroth vs. Zohar/Sepher] Is it no wonder that the
      existance of Rebazar Tarzs is in question as well!

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