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A Revist of Klemp's 2005 EWWS Talk on Music, etc.

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Everyone, Klemp s words need to be analyzed in order to see the real truth of his consciousness and motives. The following is a quote from the seminar
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2005
      Hello Everyone,

      Klemp's words need to be analyzed in order to see the real truth of
      his consciousness and motives. The following is a quote from the
      seminar notes taken by Peter Anton and available on the
      official "unofficial" Eckankar site of HU-Chat.

      "'Every thought word or deed either purifies or pollutes the body.'
      Very important and powerful because you're dealing with states of

      Klemp, as usual, is not saying anything new, or something that we
      all don't already know. However, "States of consciousness" (while in
      some flux) is the sum result of various factors and experiences of
      perception and is not actually always changed but challenged due to
      adversity. The expansion of consciousness, for the most part, is
      extremely gradual. And, if there was no negativity there would be no
      learning or expansion.

      "At one point he [Klemp] got rid of all negative songs even if there
      was only one on a CD."

      The thing is, Klemp is under negative influences just like the rest
      of us and this statement brings it out into the open. Klemp made
      choices to listen to negative music and now he chooses Not to. But
      is all classical music unemotional or void of negativity? No, of
      course not! Therefore, classical music is Not necessarily mental
      plane music. Maybe, Eckists should ask why their Mahanta could Not
      protect himself from these negative Kal influences? Or could he! But
      Klemp chose to listen to negative music for all of these years! This
      revelation of truth can hurt Eckists if they really give it some
      thought. Why would he lower his vibrations? Either way, Klemp is Not
      who or what he claims and proves this by making this simple
      confession... which will no doubt be overlooked by Eckists!

      "He [Klemp] had a lot of Country Western 'tear jerker' songs which
      he gave them away because someone could benefit from them."

      Apparently Klemp feels that he was not adversely affected by these
      negative and emotional (Astral) songs so, therefore, why would
      another person? You see, if Klemp was really the Mahanta or had this
      humongous consciousness he would never give this negative 'tear
      jerker' music away to someone weaker (lower in consciousness) or
      more susceptible to negativity.

      "We're all different and at different states of consciousness are
      different. He [Klemp] started listening to classical music, but
      that's just him."

      Once again, Klemp is admitting that he does Not have all that much
      of a difference in consciousness than anyone else has! I listen to
      all kinds of music and Not just one kind or another. With Klemp,
      it's either "Country Western tear jerker music," for 30-40 years,
      and now it's classical! Klemp has a very black and white, right
      versus wrong, limited, and very narrow view of life. The truth is
      that HK positioned himself at the ESC and then was chosen as a
      replacement LEM because Gross (mistakenly) saw him as a weak and
      reclusive individual who could be manipulated. Unfortunately for
      Gross Klemp learned how to "play the game:" at seminary school; in
      the U.S. Air Force; in order to be released from psychiatric care;
      and then at the ESC.

      "Whatever you listen to music, news, let the external world into
      your internal world. If you need an edge, look for what is coming
      into your life and then it goes out and comes back in, etc."

      It's interesting that Klemp says, "If you need an edge." What is he
      really saying? "Look for what is coming into your life and then it
      goes out and come back in, etc." So, if Eckists "need an edge" they
      can use something negative (?) to manipulate the situation or
      people? So basically anything goes if it can benefit you.

      "Influences can be beneficial or harmful, the choice is yours.
      Simple, but powerful."

      Once again, this is Nothing new! And, is it Peter that thinks this
      is "Simple, but powerful" or is Klemp stating this? Either way...
      it's Nothing new! Most non-Eckankar SPIRITUAL/TRUTH Seekers know as
      much if not more! The Eckankar clique really thinks that it has the
      only truth out there, but this is only a shared delusion in the
      states of consciousness that other religions also share. Klemp (like
      with G.W. Bush) really means it when he claims that he's just like
      you and me. But, for me... that's an insult!

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