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Eck Master CSM and HU Chanting for $$$

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, In The Way Of Eckankar Series by Paul Twitchell I found some comments that seem to show a correlation as to how a spiritual basis to ask for
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 20, 2005
      Hello All,

      In "The Way Of Eckankar Series" by Paul Twitchell I found some
      comments that seem to show a correlation as to how a "spiritual"
      basis to ask for money (from the Eck) first came about in Eckankar.

      On pages 111 & 112 Twitchell states, "I've not had anything in the
      mails for several days, checks or anything of that nature, and I'd
      go out and do some chanting and go home and find a check laying in
      the mail box. Putting the two together, you'd say, well, this may
      have been coincidental. It might have been, but the fact was, that I
      was lifting myself into the position of acceptance for something. I
      was lifting myself in the position where, even in the future, the
      near future, something would start working into my life that would
      be of benefit to me."

      I love Twitchell's "facts!" So, it seems that Eckists can do the
      same... as above so below! When at the store that surprise mark down
      in price and extra savings, on an item, at the check-out register
      was no coincidence... it was the Eck! Your higher vibrations tuned
      you in to higher positive plane possibilities! LOL! But this happens
      all the time to me and other non-Eckists! I even receive checks from
      rebates, class action suits, etc. that I had no knowledge of! And,
      I'm a former Eckist! This shows that Eckankar has no private club
      when it comes to SPIRIT or to Karma. And, the Mahanta concept is
      just a bogus mind altering religious scam that is full of promises
      and wishful thinking!

      Twitchell continues, "Now this doesn't only go for economics or your
      lower life planes but it also goes for the higher planes. When one
      wants to lift themselves into the higher planes they can use these
      words. They can use this for getting out of the body and riding the
      sound currents out, but there's no use of you getting into this yet.
      It's a little too advanced for you."

      Oops, I guess that Not all Eckists can do these advanced spiritual
      techniques for prosperity and higher plane travel! Previously
      Twitchell said, "I would chant the OM [or the AUM] or I would chant
      another word, or I'd chant the HU, or I'd chant something that I
      knew had a great vibratory liftment." So, it seems that other
      charged words work as well, but doesn't it seem strange to use HU
      and other charged words for both "lower life plane" desires and "for
      the higher planes?" Is this really more of a psychic or white magic
      nature than a spiritual nature? Does it become "Eck" when the
      LEM/Mahanta says it is, or when it looks, talks, and walks like a

      It seems that Eckists are into the manipulation of power and
      channeling Eck Masters and energies. But, being a ruler or governor
      on the lower inner planes for these 8th and 9th Initiates is just a
      farce. These are still the lower planes and it's just another trap
      of a delusional dream. Reality and true spiritual freedom can only
      come from one's Own realization of Truth... and Not someone else's.


      Prometheus previously wrote:

      Hello Pretujari,

      Welcome. I'm glad you have posted this information. Yes, the Eck
      Master CSM sounds like an ATM on the inner Astral Plane. It is
      interesting that we in the West have not heard of him before.

      Klemp told five Eckie stories, from Nigerians, at the recent 2005
      EWWS, and did Not mention the ECK Cash Master (CSM)! But I wonder,
      could CSM be a KAL Master instead? Perhaps!

      If the KAL gives money to Eckists to promote Eckankar (and help them
      out with some extra cash) then the KAL is really defeating Itself...
      right? It's funny how the KAL is too naive to know the difference.
      CSM must be very clever to trick the KAL! But who is really being
      tricked? Are these greedy Eckists too naive and obsessed to know the
      difference? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder which possibility is more likely
      to be true?

      Why isn't this "spiritual" technique shared in the RESA Star? Or was
      it? Perhaps Eckists will see this technique and this new Eck Master
      (CSM) mentioned in an upcoming Vahana Tip!

      These RESAs (Dogbe, Anthony, or Omidiji) should be asking Klemp why
      this Eck Master, CSM, and these ECK stories were Not shared with the
      rest of the Eckankar membership at this past 2005 Eckankar World
      Wide Seminar (EWWS)? Cannot Eckankar use the $$$$$$$$?

      Or, maybe CSM is as valid of an Eck Master as the rest are! Eck
      Masters seem to be coming out of the woodwork anymore. Yet Klemp
      can't even put a name on the "Unknown" Eck Master he mentions in
      his "Autobiography of a Modern Prophet!" Once again, the Mahanta
      can't even use his SUGMAD given abilities to KNOW!

      Well, it's just too obvious that Gail and Paul Twitchell created a
      scam that Gross and Klemp inherited. I must say, however, that there
      are interesting comments on "truth" that are mentioned in the
      Shariyat. Twitchell copied some interesting stuff! But, this is also
      why people get suckered into his old hand-me-down scheme. Lies
      always sound better when mixed with truth. Twitchell merely altered
      truth to fit a specific agenda and goal. Change SPIRIT to ECK and
      make it exclusive for "advanced" Souls... ego, therefore, wins out
      over common sense and critical thinking.

      However, without Gail's help Twitch never could have taken
      Eckandcrap to where it is today. This also shows that without Marge,
      and now Joan, that Little Harry wouldn't have made it this far!


      Pretujari previously wrote:

      I wondered if any Eckists in the West ever heard about this 'Eck
      Master.' Eckists in West Africa are very familiar with him, since
      whole resas mounted plantforms and talked about him and his special
      work. Apparently, CSM is the 'head' of an inner Eckankar World Bank,
      and Eckists who needed money could go to the inner bank and see CSM
      for 'free' money. He was especially mentioned during fundraisings
      for Eckankar projects. The 'spiritual exercise' was to book an
      appointment through the mahanta to go see CSM. You go to this
      appointment with something to carry the money in. So in the exercise
      you imagine being in the presence of CSM and then tell him that you
      need the money to assist with the Eckankar project, and if he could
      add a little over for your own personal use - kind of commission for
      courier services. Then CSM will escort you to the vault and open it
      then you help yourself and fill your container. After the exercise,
      monies will be coming tohe practioner in unexpected ways, and she or
      he should know that is ECkankar money and should take a little bit
      and make the rest as donation to Eckankar!

      Now when in raising funds for Eckankar temples in two countries, one
      country was progressing faster than the other. Then one of then
      resas mentioned that the members in the country with the progress go
      to CSM with trucks to load the money, while the other country go in
      shopping bags, so they should emulate their counterparts from the
      other country and go to CSM with trucks.

      Funny thing is, I wondered why certain HIs businesses went burst
      when they could have easily gone to CSM to be bailed out from their
      financial crisis.

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