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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Sharon! I don t care that much for country-western music, but I have appreciated some of it of course and probably have a few CDs stuck around somewhere!
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2005
      Hi, Sharon!

      I don't care that much for country-western music, but I have
      appreciated some of it of course and probably have a few CDs stuck
      around somewhere! Brad Paisley "Fishing Song" sounds like fun!
      Obviously, there is room for all kinds of expression and differing
      appreciations. The problem with listening to the talks of people
      like Klemp, Twitch, and other "leaders" of people is that the
      listeners take too much to heart what these individuals say, and
      copy them in all things--so they toss out things they enjoy because
      the "mahanta" criticizes it! : )

      I agree that Ford has been walking a fine line in what he allows
      posters to post, and how he has "protected" some of his nutty
      posters at the expense of other sincere seekers. Of course, as I
      have mentioned in my posts here (and even there), the conspiracy
      theory posts turned me off from participating on Ford's BBs. I find
      it interesting that others on his sites have still spoken up about
      the crazy posts, and now Ford is shifting it seems--but will he
      really stop the unpopular posts as he has always leaned towards
      supporting/defending Betty regardless of how much others criticize
      both her and Mario! I also notice that either Betty or Mario are
      allowed the last word in a dispute before Ford closes it down--so
      Mario's last nasty post to those who objected to him is allowed to
      stand while possible responses from Mykel, Sur, Priscus or even some
      others will not be posted. This is a common pattern that can be seen
      easily in checking the archives on Ford's sites--I'm not suggesting
      anyone do this unless you are looking for entertainment on a slow
      day! : )

      Of course, Ford is "slicker" than Klemp--there is a huge difference
      in intelligence and education here! : ) Not to mention how much
      better a public speaker Ford is. Just imagine a debate between the
      two on the order of our farcical presidential debates! LOL! And I
      agree that he is not rid of the "eckie" think as well, but I do
      think his intentions may be okay in that he wants to be different. I
      wish he'd go about promoting his book more and getting it out there
      for more eckists to read, and of course, to keep pointing out the
      lies and deceptions of the eck org. However, he wants to create
      something more . . . and it does get fuzzy as to what this really
      is, and is questionable that it will just be another "movement" that
      will misled people in the same ole samo fashion.

      Ford's IRS problems are not something uncommon really and hopefully,
      it has been resolved by now. I read a little bit about that
      somewhere online--I guess the legal documents. Anyway, there was a
      change in the IRS tax laws a few years back where employers have to
      pay the withholding taxes of the their employees, I think, quarterly
      now? Previous to that, it was a longer time period or an employer
      could be late without being fined. This bill comes from the IRS to
      the employer--it is the employer's bill not the employees. Many
      employers would file this payment later, which was allowed without
      penalty, but now the government wants the payment sooner and of
      course the monies not used for other purposes. I think Ford was
      waiting for some payments from his clients, many government
      contracts, that were past due to him, and came up short in meeting
      his payroll, so rather than not pay his employees he used the
      withholding monies to pay them with the intent of paying the
      withholding tax once Ford received his payment from the
      government . . . it went along that line. It happened around the
      time of the change in the IRS tax reform, and caught more than one
      employer up short. I don't believe that Ford has ever declared
      bankruptcy so I guess he has taken care of this problem with the
      IRS. Any penalty, fines, etc. would be paid by Ford. I know a lot of
      people are looking to find fault with Ford, but I don't think this
      incident with the IRS was really a "slick" action as much as just a
      misunderstanding of the change in the IRS law and forms. People in
      general, including myself big time, do not want to mess with the
      IRS. I would have to say I fear the wrath of the IRS far more than
      anything else, including the kal which might very well be the
      IRS! : ) Ford really is not so stupid to have done something that
      would bring the IRS down on him. Prior to 9-11, I venture to say
      that the IRS was the greatest fear that most people had in this
      country! Now we add terrorists to the mix, but frankly I still fear
      the IRS more! LOL!

      Well, anyway, it is hard to say from my perspective where Ford and
      his org is heading, but I do not want to knock him down because his
      book really needs to be continually promoted. It's too bad he
      doesn't just go after Eckankar and such fraulent orgs more--finish
      the job, so to speak!

      But Ford's BBs like many others that reference eckankar can be
      interesting at times. There are some very sincere and nice people
      who are trying to speak out and also to listen. Great really!

      I just read a post on A.R.E. this morning where a lot of discussions
      are going back and forth between the swordsmen of the eck and the
      detractors. Very vocal now! I may try to repost this new post which
      involves Leaf, Mr. Peabodies Buddy, and of course Cher! It's topic
      #4686 "The real post of the week." Interesting how Cher proves Leaf
      and Mr. Peabodies Buddy's points--here's a bit of what Cher wrote:

      "In the broad spectrum of human nature and individuality we find a
      necessity for maturing, of learning and the most important
      lesson . . . accepting divine Love. Not presenting oneself in the
      role of being a loving person, but of accepting God's Love. . . " So
      I guess this is why Cher can be so unloving to others while
      proclaiming that her spiritual path is legitimate, the most direct
      path to God, etc. She further mentions that detractors are "standing
      on the sidelines" just criticizing--and that this criticism is
      indicative of "vanity" and "a lack of humility." But isn't it vain
      to suggest that eckankar is the only "real" game in town, and
      doesn't it seem that Cher is the one "lacking in humility" when she
      considers her path the one of greater awareness and spirituality,
      etc.? So the beat goes on! : ) (I think eventually, though, all
      this time Cher spends arguing about and supporting eckankar will
      lead her to the truth and she will drop out like the rest of us--
      right now she's too busy chasing that carrot dangling on that
      crooked stick--she must want to be an H.I. real bad! Seems like it
      is taking her a long time, though! Do you think she has been black-
      balled a couple of times? LOL!)

      Anyway, thanks for the post, Sharon--and glad you have your computer
      problems under control again!

      Hugs to you, too!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Sharon
      <brighttigress@y...> wrote:
      > There are 3 messages in this issue.
      > Topics in this digest:
      > 1. A repost from HCS Nov. 16th 2005
      > From: "freetoseektruth"
      > 2. Re: A repost from HCS Nov. 16th 2005
      > From: "mishmisha9"
      > 3. An End to Conspiracy Postings on TS/HCS?
      > From: "prometheus_973"
      > Hi Everyone!
      > Well, I guess I've got to look back further to find what I'm
      looking for - exactly what Klemp said about not listening to country
      music. I'd skimmed over it awhile back.
      > I used to think I didn't like country music, but I wasn't that
      familiar with it, actually. Anyway, for a few years I lived at the
      foot of this little mountain that blocked radio signals from
      everything but country & Christian, and I've learned to appreciate
      it. Brad Paisley's "Fishing Song" is *such* a hoot!! And there's
      another one that tells a beautiful story - a man helps a woman
      change her tire, he refuses money so she ends up giving the money to
      a tired pregnant waitress, who turns out to be the wife of the guy
      who'd changed the tire.
      > Anyway, I learned I wasn't the only eckist who'd almost totally
      stopped listening to my favorite rock music because Twitch or Klemp
      said it was "lower", what we felt from it was "astral". When I
      got out, I blasted my favorite Rolling Stones music and danced right
      there in the living room! And I had the thought, shouldn't we be
      able to worship *totally*? All of those so-called "lower" states
      are part of us, and I don't think splitting them all up and labeling
      them differently serves any useful purpose, other than making people
      think they've gotta stay "above" all that, and the only way to do
      that is to keep paying your "protection" money.
      > Betcha Klemp said that because cult music tapes haven't been
      selling very wel!!
      > I sort of wondered a few times, I seem to recall when a cultbook
      was about to go out of print, there'd be mention of it somewhere, a
      special little "ad" in the Mystic World or something - and I
      remember an HI announcing that we'd better hurry and get a copy
      before they were all gone forever.
      > Anyway, this Ford Johnson stuff is a hoot! His problem is, he
      has to depend on volunteer followers to go get him more customers.
      He's got to walk a fine line there - will B & M's "conspiracy" stuff
      attract more paying members, or is it a turn-off for people?
      > And has he ever straightened out his little problem with the
      IRS? I've still never gotten an answer - if your employer has
      stolen the tax money he's withheld from your paycheck, using it to
      pay *his* tax bill and not yours, when tax time comes do you end up
      owing that money?
      > Watching Johnson work is like going back in time and seeing
      Twitch starting up e-kult - except Johnson's a lot slicker and
      more "professional". Plus, unlike Twitch, who knew *exactly* what
      he was doing, Johnson's still very much an HI - he's gone from being
      a "chosen people" to Messiah.
      > I think it's a matter of self-honesty. And that's not something
      that's compatible with being a cult member at *any* level.
      > I feel sorry for the man, actually. You can take the man out of
      the cult, but getting the cult out of the man takes time and a bit
      of work. You don't simply wake up one morning and find that 30
      years of cult programming is erased.
      > Well, have a great weekend, everyone!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
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