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Re: A repost from HCS Nov. 16th 2005

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  • mishmisha9
    Hello, Free to Seek Truth! Welcome to ESA and thanks for reposting this from Ford s HCS site. It will be interesting to see the new and improved direction
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2005
      Hello, Free to Seek Truth!

      Welcome to ESA and thanks for reposting this from Ford's HCS site.
      It will be interesting to see the "new" and improved direction his
      BB discusssions will take now, if indeed, these prattlings about
      conspiracry theories and doom and gloom predictions of worldly
      events will indeed come to a halt on his BBs. Perhaps, some "old"
      posters will go back there again to participate, now that Ford is
      finally doing a cleansing! : )

      It's unfortunate that it got to this point, but I hope that Mario
      does not think that his last post that preceeds this post of Ford's
      bringing an "End to Conspiracy Postings," has left Mario with
      personal and delustional satisfaction of having slung the last jabs
      and insults to HCS posters, a few directly and to the many in
      general. Mario's "How About Moving On" post was so full of rudeness
      and nastiness--it really revealed his "ugly face." In that end, it
      has served a purpose in that it shows who Mario and Betty really are
      (Betty is responsible as well since she writes most of Mario's posts
      for him--and this is probably why she has made so many excuses and
      apologies for him in some past posts,--she is his "ghost" writer who
      creates the illusion that Mario is well-schooled and intelligent to
      some readers! LOL!).

      Anyway, I do hope that Ford's BBs will make a good turn in the road.
      I know many people are interested in seeing where his "Great Work"
      will go, including Ford! I wish him and his sites well, and I
      continue to strongly encourage eckists to read his book "Confessions
      of a God Seeker." Read his book and learn the truth--after that
      decide what to do for yourself! You don't have to become an HCS
      groupie either--in fact, Ford does not imply that at all. Oh, one
      more thing, too--Ford has always been open and available to
      communicate privately with any seeker--so one can successfully use
      his confidential emails if one has questions or concerns about what
      he is saying.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "freetoseektruth"
      <freetoseektruth@y...> wrote:
      > End to Conspiracy Postings
      > As of the last series of postings on conspiracy theories and
      > by physical or other worldly entities, the HCS and TS BBs will not
      > longer accept postings on this subject. As many have indicated,
      > as I have pointed out on several occasions, while there is some
      > to these theories, they do not warrant the degree of attention
      > some have chosen to bring to this topic.
      > The purpose of these web sites is to explore the numerous
      > and topics that abound on the seekers journey to higher
      > consciousness. While these topics do concern many worldly issues,
      > central focus must be on spiritual unfoldment not the use of these
      > BBs to advance some other agenda even if the intentions of the
      > contributor are to inform others about issues he/she considers of
      > utmost importance.
      > As we refocus these boards on what has always been our major
      > interest, HCS will contribute a summary write-up of various BB
      > to provide another view for your consideration. This will
      > respond to numerous requests that we provide more frequent and
      > in-depth postings on these and other topics.
      > These postings will follow my return from the Northern European
      > Gathering and will continue as time permits. If there are
      > of particular interest that anyone would like addressed, please
      > communicate these to the confidential e-mail link or post them
      > directly on the BB.
      > Thank you for your indications of concern about the direction of
      > BBs as we continue to make them more relevant to your needs and
      > interests.
      > HCS
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