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Re: Eckankar: October 2005 Youth in Eck Letter of Light

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  • l2eigh
    Hi Mish: Absolutely. All those terms - outer master, living (eck) master, inner master, mahanta, mahanta, the living eck master are just renamed parts of
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 15, 2005
      Hi Mish:
      Absolutely. All those terms - "outer master, living (eck)
      master, inner master, mahanta, mahanta, the living eck master" are
      just renamed parts of your own mind (mine, anyone's). The outer mind,
      body mind, inner mind, deeper mind, and attention, all within the
      field of your overall mind (general perception) ("sugmad, itself, the
      living reality).
      Incidentally, do you have a sense of humor, self confidence,
      an open mind? Congratulations. You're omnipotent, omniscient, and
      omnipresent. Because that's all they are.


      -- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      > Harold really exphasizes the co-worker with mahanta concept which
      > not a part of the question, but he does expound on it and well
      > defines that the youth and older initiates are expected to work
      > their butts off to help Harold keep his power over all chelas. He
      > finishes by saying that there is no finish line in the physical but
      > the sky's the limit! What the heck is this double talk? He's
      > basically saying a spiritual seeker will never be finished--and
      > impossible to manifest one's spiritual destiny. This sounds
      > discouraging doesn't it? So what is it that eckankar, under the
      > leadership of HK, promises the chela? It sounds like nothing to me!
      > But eckists believe that their imaginations lead to greater
      > realities when in truth their imaginations lead to greater
      > illusions! These delusions become the norm when looking at and
      > living in what is perceived as the "here and now," but are actually
      > past conceptualizations cemented into their present reality of
      > accepted and established Eckankar dogma. : )
      > By the way what is the eck worship service (EWS) all about?--What
      > Who is being worshipped at these services created by HK via his
      > Lutheran training? Why are eckists worshipping? Or is the EWS just
      > for newcomers to feel comfortable with eck worship? But isn't it
      > stated somewhere in the Shariyat that the Mahanta is to be
      > worshipped right along with the Sugmad? Yet HK will tell chelas not
      > to worship him and he is therefore contradicting the Shariyat.
      > this confusing to the chelas? However, it is a great techinique to
      > keep the chelas second guessing, off balance and confused! Eckists
      > will then create eckankar in their own individual minds, and thus,
      > there is no responsibility for the mahanta. All eckists have to do
      > is conform, even though in traditional religions they were seen as
      > untraditional, eccentric and rebellious. But being told they
      > are "special" these seekers of truth, rebels of sorts, aptly
      > to the eckankar dogma. They believe that the initiations are valid
      > yardsticks proving their spiritual dreams and insights--it makes
      > them feel so good! In truth they see themselves! However the non-
      > conformist individuals, if they buy into the eck teachings, become
      > very conforming to dogma and "guidelines" and loses their
      > individuality and freedom of thought. The EWS is nothing more than
      > means of exposing themselves to more eck dogma and brainwashing
      > while going through old familiar church-like activities. The
      > singing, for the most part, was pretty awful, too! LOL!
      > The bottom line is that Eckankar under the leadership of the
      > great "master" HK is selling a belief system that is free from any
      > responsibility for its words, actions, deeds and promises--Eckankar
      > takes no responsibility in what it is teaching. In the meantime,
      > trusting eckists are continually trying to maintain their balance
      > walking a narrow line along the berm of the board road that leads
      > God Realization. In this quest, falling for the false eck teachings
      > has made their journey all the more difficult, rather than it being
      > the most direct and easy way!
      > Mish
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