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Why Is the LEM/Mahanta Only Male?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, Actually, I think Twitchell created this rule (based on the male dominated dogmas of other religions) because he (like others) did not respect women
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2005
      Hi All,
      Actually, I think Twitchell created this rule (based on the male
      dominated dogmas of other religions) because he (like others) did
      not respect women and even feared them to some degree! Klemp has
      carried on this tradition for his own reasons of insecurity.
      However, the definitions for the feminine and masculine principles
      don't seem to justify this rule for Mastership (LEM) in the Lower
      Worlds of God (below the Soul Plane).

      The following definitions come from "A Cosmic Sea of Words, The
      ECKANKAR Lexicon" by Harold Klemp. The Lexicon definitions are a
      copy of those given by Paul Twitchell's Eckankar Dictionary.

      "feminine principle. The passive, negative, or receptive aspect of
      the energies of God; the universal mother principle in the HUMAN
      CONSCIOUSNESS; puts together organizations and social elements of
      life and holds them together; sees, invents, and devises the means
      to keep the social structure together."

      Now, these descriptions seem like values one would want to have in a
      Living ECK Master! Soul has no gender so why does the LEM need to be
      male? The Mahanta Consciousness aspect is experienced in the higher
      inner worlds and is, therefore, not relevant to gender in the lower
      worlds. And, isn't it true that we each (regardless of gender) share
      both the feminine and masculine aspects! This is like the marg
      concept where one can focus on one but share the aspects of others.

      "masculine principle. The male is positive, active, and progressive;
      it devises but it never creates; it discovers and works out the
      principles of God; it plans, correlates, and gives birth to social
      order, systems of religious and philosophical thought, and ideas."

      It seems like Twitch and Klemp want to take credit for giving "birth
      to social order" and yet they don't give women credit for
      the "birth" of anything. It's just like the male dominated world to
      create more submissive "principles" for women to follow. Yet, I
      still don't see a real factual scientific or a Spiritual
      justification for the LEM to be male. However, since men have
      created the "systems of religion and philosophical thought" then I
      can see why they don't want to share the power with the other half
      of the population! However, religions like Eckankar need to have
      women (the feminine principle) in the top leadership positions
      (LEM/Mahanta) in order to keep their "organizations" and "social
      structures together."

      But, the truth is this change in leadership will never happen
      because the Boy's Club is alive and well in the world's religions.
      And, Eckists think their L&S religion is spiritually advanced and
      unique! NOT! This is just one more scam of religion as a whole...
      will Eckists ever wake up and smell the green tea? No, Klemp will
      Not ever change tradition (he lives in the past)! And yet this is
      just one more contradiction and flaw of the "Eck" teachings. It is
      Not a progressive religion of change, and only gives lip service to
      pacify and detract from the truth. It's Not all that different than
      many other 4th Plane religions of the world. Oh well, the delusion,
      for Eckists, continues. <smile>

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