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Re: Klemp's 2005 EWWS Talk Encourages Greed

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! This story Harold told in his seminar talk in pretty much the same old simplistic garbage that he usually prattles on about! One has to ask just how
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2005
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      Hi, All!

      This story Harold told in his seminar talk in pretty much the same
      old simplistic garbage that he usually prattles on about! One has to
      ask just how crediable is his account? I can't imagine working in a
      job where an employee could call a meeting on such short notice,
      make demands of severence pay that exceeds twice the norm, and then
      be allowed to walk out of the job midday! Do any of you guys know
      anyone who worked out such an agreeable situation in quitting a job
      with such short notice??? Something is lacking here--either the
      story is bogus, perhaps, containing some elements of truth, but
      Harold created it to make a nice little eck story, or there is just
      a lot of information left out so that the puzzle pieces don't quite
      fit. One thought that comes to my mind is that this Director of
      Nursing had the "goods" on the Director, and she rather bullied, or
      more precisely, blackmailed her way out?? Now, that makes the story
      sound more crediable, doesn't it! : ) How else did she get all of
      her demands met so easily and so quickly. Plus, she seemed to split
      just ahead of the criminal investigation--which, makes me think, if
      such a thing actually happened, why wasn't she questioned by the
      authorities. I'm sure they could have easily located her in their
      pursuit of evidence and witnesses. Her unease at the work place
      suggests that she "knew" something was going on.

      I do have to wonder how many eckists who listened to this
      "enlightening" story and who are in unpleasant work situations might
      attempt exactly what this woman did--believing that the eck masters
      will assist them in making their demands while quitting a job. I
      predict that if any try this technique, they will find themselves
      quickly booted out on the street, and in the words of Donald Trump,
      these words will echo in their delusional minds, "You're fired!"
      Now, that would be more of a reality story in this age of big
      business. But heck, Harold doesn't have a clue, does he--what one
      encounters in the real world--he's of another plane (obviously a
      lower plane and that is why his stories make little or no sense)!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > The LEM/Mahanta uses another mundane "Eck" story. In this story
      > end result is more money due an individual caused by her being
      > a "clear channel for the Eck and the Master." Another by product
      > this is that the Eckist was not questioned by authorities when her
      > former boss was arrested!
      > These quotes, of Klemp's talk, are from notes taken by Peter Anton
      > who posts on the "unofficial" Eckankar site of HU-Chat.
      > HK: "Ann (again not her real name) was the DIRECTOR of NURSING for
      > long term nursing facility. The DIRECTOR came to her and asked her
      > to develop a plan so they could operate more efficiently. When she
      > presented it to him he praised it for its excellence and
      > He said he would check the budget and get back to her." [MY CAPS]
      > Me: So far, so good!
      > HK: "Months went by and no word and he was getting cold and
      > Me: Okay, I guess behavior and body language can work as well as
      > intuition at times.
      > HK: "One day he noticed her Eck bumber(sic) sticker and she told
      > she was with Eckankar. She gave him some books, but over time he
      > still remained cold and distant. She found her projects were
      > encountering resistance from somewhere, but she didn't know where."
      > Me: Was the resistance from the Kal or the Eck?
      > HK: "The Mahanta [Klemp, (third person)] started telling her that
      > she would have to get out of the job soon and then one day said
      > today by 2pm."
      > Me: Did this advice come in a Waking Dream, the Dream State, via
      > Golden Tongued Wisdom, or an Inner Voice? Was it premnonition or
      > intuition or a prophecy of sorts? Hmmmmmm. How did she know it was
      > the Eck and not the Kal? Did she HU like Graham and Ford and James
      > Davis and all of those others who have left Eckankar and who also
      > had the Mahanta's protection?
      > HK: "So she arranged for a meeting in the board meeting at noon. I
      > very much appreciate having worked here, but I can't continue
      > working under the conditions I'm asked to, so I'm giving notice."
      > Me: It doesn't sound like she really "appreciated" working there
      > else she wouldn't have said what she had! And, did she ever
      > what she didn't like about the "conditions?" She sounds rather
      > and closed to any compromise or discussion of the issues. Her mind
      > is definitely made up!
      > HK: " Suddenly she felt like the whole room was filled with Eck
      > Masters and they were telling here (sic) what to do moment to
      > moment."
      > Me: Well, so much for Self responsibility and recognizing your own
      > independence and Inner Master (Soul). No spiritual freedom here!
      > HK: "They told her to say that she wants to leave by this 2 (2
      > o'clock) this afternoon and ask for 2 months severence pay."
      > Me: Why not 3 o'clock and three months severence pay? Let's use
      > Eck principle of the threes! Doesn't the 2 and 2 thing make it
      > personal and Kalistic?
      > HK: "Normally, 1 month was resonable, but she is asking for 2, and
      > to her surprise they agreed."
      > Me: So, it seems like she is being UNREASONABLE and GREEDY if one
      > month of severence pay was "resonable" and fair! Were these
      > really "Eck Masters" advising her or Kal Masters tempting and
      > testing her? This was Not right to take advantage of a situation!
      > Where did the money for her extra month of severence pay come
      > from... the patients, the insurance companies, the state?
      > HK: "A week later she got a new job starting a month later so she
      > could so she could process the change."
      > Me: Everyone has to re-acclimate themselves in between jobs. What
      > Klemp is really saying is that she had a nice little vacation with
      > the extra money she scammed them of.
      > HK: "She realized there was something not finished about the old
      > and saw on TV that the DIRECTOR was being charged with embezzling
      > 1.5 million dollars during his 8 year tenure there."
      > Me: So WHEN is it that she thought there was something "not
      > about the old job... When she saw the news on TV? When did she
      > this feeling, intuition, or "realization?" Did the Eck Masters or
      > Mahanta help her to have this realization?
      > HK: "The Eck saved her from the media frenzy and also of being
      > investigated herself since she was an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR." [My
      > again]
      > Me: WOW! "The Eck saved her" from being interviewed and being on
      > But wait! She could have mentioned the Mahanta and Eckankar if she
      > was on TV! Darn it! And, "the Eck saved her" again from
      > being "investigated" too! But, what would she have had to worry
      > about if she was innocent? However, it does seem like she was on
      > Board as an Assistant Director, and maybe should have been looking
      > at the finances and looking at the audits or the lack of audits!
      > Maybe she was irresponsible in her Board duties and should have
      > questioned authority, and been questioned by the police. Perhaps
      > could have helped with the investigation. Then again, that extra
      > month's severence pay wouldn't have looked good for her.
      > HK: "But she was a clear channel for the Eck and the Master
      > (third person)] was able to get in there and clean house at the
      > nursing home."
      > Me: So where else in the world are Eckists cleaning house by
      > as "clear channels" for the "Eck and the Master?" What did this
      > Eckist do except give her Director some Eck books? Was that it or
      > was it just the Mahanta's presence with her and that brought the
      > theft to light? What about her theft of the extra month of
      > pay? This sonnds like Klemp's Eck Masters used a BLACK MAGIC
      > technique to me. What are more of the MUNDANE things Klemp takes
      > credit for in the world? But, look at all that he doesn't do!
      > the real point. How can someone (Klemp the LEM/Mahanta) who claims
      > to be so ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING Not mention anything greater
      > than the common stories that happen to millions of people that are
      > Non-Eckists! What crap!
      > Prometheus
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