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Re: A Repost from A.R.E.: How to keep 'em wanting more, and more, and still more

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  • mishmisha9
    ... on ... the ... higher ... spiritual ... the ... ####### Very difficult to not look at the letter on the name badges-- so if they are not discussed, why is
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 7, 2005
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      > Hello Mish,
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
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      > >
      > > This post by Leaf explains very well how eckists become hooked
      > > the initiations! It is the big feature in eckankar that draws
      > > masses in!
      > *** How true ... it's an excellent promotion of Eckankar. The
      > the initiations become the higher the individual rises. Or so they
      > think and act ... :-)
      > >The initiations are the yardstick that shows an
      > > individual and others just where he stands in regards to
      > > enlightenment! This is the belief and that is why the intiations
      > >are
      > > so much discussed among eckists and why they wear their ID tags
      > > (some very proudly) at major seminars which let people know what
      > > their status is--A, B, or C! LOL!
      > *** In fact, it is said that initiations don't play any role and
      > that they are NOT discussed. But of course they are! I was very
      > surprised when I found out that one could actually see the
      > initiation level on the name tags! The day my husband first wore
      > C on his name tag, a fellow eckist came up and nearly fainted from
      > admiration. :-))

      ####### Very difficult to not look at the letter on the name badges--
      so if they are not discussed, why is there the need to designate a
      level on a name badge anyway? An H.I. could show another form of
      I.D. to get into those secret H.I. meetings. I was told one isn't
      suppose to know what those letters mean--well, isn't that funny!
      This kind of reasoning is very stupid--to think that no one can
      figure it out in just a few seconds! LOL! And I can tell you for a
      fact that one of my initiations was announced after an eck worship
      service without my permission--by the local director, a 7th initiate
      who after announcing it, asked if I minded that it was announced to
      all! Obviously, announcing my level of initiation was important and
      a topic of discussion! : )

      > >Eckists, and I was one once, allow
      > > themselves to be designated one of the three at such events and
      > >they
      > > are in essence segregated. Some workshops and talks are only for
      > >the
      > > exulted "C" eckists, so a "B" or an "A" is excluded.
      > I have heard a story about the HI who went to an HI meeting and
      > she came out, some "A's" and "B's" were standing waiting for her,
      > and her friend asked her how it was? And then she said "as
      > in a way that suggested that she was bored. :-)) She has left the
      > cult as well - had had serious doubts for quite some time. I
      > thought that she was such a good eckist and was very surprised to
      > hear that she had left. So, you never know who is harboring
      doubts -
      > it could be the devotest little cult borg! :-)
      > >But even in >non-
      > > segrated events, eckists are still in their mind segregating
      > > themselves and others according to the level of initiation that
      > > denoted on that name tag. For instance, if one is in a round
      > > discussion, and a "B" person speaks, but then a "C" person gives
      > > different spin or contradicts what the "B" person said, well,
      > > will the majority of participants agree with? Well, yes, it has
      > > be that better/more enlightened "C" person!! LOL! As for an "A"
      > > person, well, an "A" person might as well keep his/her mouth
      > > because obviously that person is not advanced far enough to
      > >an
      > > opinion/experience/or belief!
      > ***I have seen a very good post from "Alli" on huchat about
      > initiations. She is a C person as well! LOL! But it seems not
      > everybody agrees, so I think it does make a difference what
      the "C"
      > says! If a "C" person addresses sensible issues, then A's and B's
      > might not necessarily agree! LOL!

      #### I've read some of those posts. I know those eckists on HuChat
      are not as ignorant as they sound but . . . . One person posted that
      he understood that there is the "touch technique" used in deciding
      who is ready for the next outer initiation. A chela's unopened
      initiate's report (letter) is scanned by somebody's hand, and the
      initiation is decided that way! Doesn't that sound psychic? And
      these people settle for such a non-sense explanation!

      However, it seems that the discussion of initiations is on
      everyone's mind and that there is confusion for sure on how it
      works. But it is really very simple to figure it out, just do like
      Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, look behind the curtain--it's as simple
      as that. There is nothing magical or vibrational about those bogus
      initiations--they are only an eckankar tool to keep people tied into
      the false teachings of eckankar!

      > > Also, in many round table discussions
      > > the facilator (ESA)will be condenscending to those wearing "A"
      > > and "B" on their badges while allowing the high initiates (the
      > >ones
      > > wearing the "C"s) to correct, add to, and discount comments made
      > >by
      > > those wearing an "A" or "B" on their badges. This is really
      > >abusive
      > > behavior brought on by the arrogance and delusional value of the
      > > initiations.
      > ***I knew an Eckist who had wonderful experiences before he even
      > joined Eckankar. And he continued to have them before he was even
      > 2nd initiate! When he talked about them, C's would say don't talk
      > about that, it could upset others who haven't gotten so far right
      > now. And sometimes, when he said something full of wisdom, C's
      > say you can't know that, you are still a 2nd, so don't even talk
      > about it. Of course, had he arrived at the enlightened status of a
      > already, reactions would have been much different! :-)) I think
      > needless to say that he isn't with the cult anymore!

      #### The higher initiates couldn't handle the reality that one did
      not have to reach a higher initiation level in order to have those
      spiritual experiences and knowledge. Such new comers to the eck
      teachings threatened the whole belief system--especially, if those
      higher initiates had not and were not having such experiences.

      Did you ever wonder why Klemp always tells such simple stories? My
      guess is that he also lacks true spiritual enlightening
      experiences. : )

      > >
      > > And yet so many, including myself at one time, buy the ticket
      > > this train trip. With any luck, the train derails in our minds >
      > (the
      > > truly enlightening experience of this particular journey) and we
      > > scramble off! But still there are those who continue to sleep
      > >during
      > > the derailments which are the revelations of truth about the
      > > eckankar cult and its fake initiations and these individuals
      > > continue on the eck journey, which leads them nowhere! It is
      > > comfortable while in the process of seeking those initiations
      > > one imagines that another(mahanta) is taking care of all of
      > >his/her
      > > fears and troubles now and in the future and by taking credit(in
      > > essence robbing the chela) for those inner and outer Soul
      > > experiences that are experienced regardless of "religious"
      > >belief.
      > *** Yes, here it is again - the same old saviour principle that is
      > so common among religions! But no, Eckankar doesn't have that
      > principle of course, and of course HK isn't worshipped ... it's
      > this high consciousness ...!! So Eckists continue to lie to
      > themselves, with sometimes severe consequences. ...
      > >
      > >
      > > Some "C" eckists will not associate with anyone lower than "C"
      > > level, because they fear that they will be pulled down in their
      > > state of consciousness. They only acknowledge a lower leveled
      > >eckist
      > > and move on in their glorified state of consciousness. They will
      > > snub lower initiates, especially the "A"s, and will also shun
      > > if those lower initiates dare to challenge or question what
      a "C"
      > > does or says! It is a big no-no to question these levels of
      > > initiations really--very sensitive topic if one deviates from
      > > standard spin on the eck initiations. Thus, very early on new
      > > eckists learns to trend lightly on such a topic.
      > >
      > > Initiations are truly the carrot that the mahanta dangles on the
      > > stick for the chelas. It is all too tempting and teasing for the
      > > chase! It is what eckists strive for, because without such
      > > symbolizing levels of initiations, how else can an eckist
      > > his own spiritual enlightenment or that of others? Heaven forbid
      > >if
      > > one could figure this out for oneself!
      > ***Why all those initiations if they don't show? It's as with
      > titles, people love titles in my region, and like to show their
      > MBAs, PhDs for which they have worked so hard! So, why not
      > too, who have worked so hard to reach this high level as well? Of
      > course, real great humans don't need this kind of insignia, but
      > do!

      ### The initiations inflate the ego of these individuals who apply
      value to the initiation levels. And I think the initiation level one
      has attained while in eck is the hardest thing to give up after
      dropping out of the eckankar--well, that is if you have reached H.I.
      status! I believe this is why some people struggle with giving up
      some of the eck teachings--some former eckists just cannot let go of
      the sense that they are more spiritually enlightened than the
      general population! So much time and effort was spent to achieve
      that status, so it is quite difficult to let it go! But until you
      let go of all of it, including the initiation-think, a person will
      never be free--he/she will still be caught in the eck trap! IMO!

      > ***And then ... of course ... there's the membership number that
      > to be held stable or increased! Better increased! :-)) So they
      > eckists run after the carrot of initiations dangling in front of
      > their noses, and when they have finally made it to the 5th, they
      > become aware that it's no different to all the other initiations
      > that there's no real wisdom behind. Yes, you can gain a bit of
      > wisdom if you wisen up in the process and just recognize Eckankar
      > what it is - a fraud and a scam, and just leave! That's a real
      > realization then, and a successful initiation! :-))
      > Ingrid

      #### Ingrid, I do like your definition of a successful initiation
      best! Realizing the faud and the scam that eckankar is! : )

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