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To Liz

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  • ctecvie
    Hello Liz, ... Just want to add that I m sorry to see you leave ... and I will miss you for sure, just as all the others who have said so. Your stories were so
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 5, 2005
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      Hello Liz,

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth"
      <ewickings@a...> wrote:

      > You know this speaks volumes... and so I have decided to leave
      > the groups I belong to where I have been speaking out. As you say
      > Mish, you don't post to the eckists groups because they have their
      > mind set. For me I guess even posting on the ex-eck groups has
      > become sort of a similar experience. There is so much more to
      > life outside of eck / ex-eck that my feeling the need to wake
      > up has maybe become an ego thing too! And that is not what I
      >think I
      > am about.

      Just want to add that I'm sorry to see you leave ... and I will miss
      you for sure, just as all the others who have said so. Your stories
      were so interesting and touching because you experienced them - it's
      not like HK's stories which basically consist of quoting other
      people's experiences and never his own.

      I don't think you are on an ego trip at all - and not one of those
      Mish wrote about, on the contrary. But I can understand your
      questioning of motives as this is the attribute of a responsible

      > Prometheus I hope it won't upset you, but I did delete a few of my
      > post from the past week or so. I shared a little too much about
      > myself and have had second thoughts. Yes I know some of my
      > were also in the bodies of others that commented. Guess I'll just
      > have to live with that! :-)

      I can understand that, as well - even if I regret this as these were
      really so good stories! It's another attribute of a responsible
      person to do their best not to hurt anybody. And, as I understand
      it, we are not here to deceive and hurt people we once liked, just
      because we have left the cult. This is an issue I am struggling with
      as well and I think it's one thing to speak out against the fraud of
      Eckankar and another one to attack people who believe in this fraud
      with all their heart. But of course I have no intention to spare HK
      or PT because they are responsible for the biggest spiritual crime
      in my view - deceiving people AND keeping them trapped in a scam!

      All the best to you, and, as others have said, should you want to
      reconsider your decision, I welcome you with open arms!
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