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Klemp: "Big Harry" another Myth

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, Klemp likens himself as Big Harry to that of mythical hero Big John! The following is a quote from Peter Anton s notes of Harold Klemp s Saturday
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
      Hi All,

      Klemp likens himself as "Big Harry" to that of mythical hero "Big

      The following is a quote from Peter Anton's notes of Harold Klemp's
      Saturday evening talk on October 29, 2005 at the Eckankar World Wide

      HK: "I've been called a lot of things in my time. Some are good
      things and others are better things."

      Me: Is "dumb ass" one of the good ones or one of the better ones?

      HK: "Dora (not her real name so she can't be located) went swing
      dancing and found herself dancing with Bernie."

      Me: Why add, "so she can't be located." Is "Bernie" a pseudonym too,
      or is it okay to locate him?

      HK: "Where do you live? In Chanhassen. Where in Chanhassen and she
      gave the cross streets. Isn't that where the Eck... Temple, she
      said. I live right across from there and work at Eckankar. Do you
      get to see Big Harry very often? (lots of laughter). Dora found that
      very funny. You mean Harold Klemp. I don't see him a lot, but I am
      always aware of him and his inner guidance. I'm aware of his

      Me: Actually, dream and waking awareness are constructs of what one
      wants to believe. Intuition is non-religious/non-belief. The inner
      guidance comes from one's own Self and that of SPIRIT.

      HK: "Bernie goes to Unity Church and some of them go to services at
      the Eck Temple. The reason they like to go is that everyone is so
      nice, not fake. They call him Big Harry"

      Me: I've gone to Unity before in order to infiltrate for Eckankar. I
      was even introduced to the founder's son (or was it the grandson?)
      at a special reception. Actually, some of those smiling faces are

      HK: "I've been called Big Cheese, Big Cabbage, but I like Big Harry.
      Like the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song 'Big John'. I won't tell you
      the story because it doesn't end well. Big John saved a lot of

      Me: So Klemp sees himself as a big strong mythical figure who
      heroically saved some people, but gave his own life in the process.
      WOW! Klemp only wishes he was a hero! But, Big Fake wannabe is
      closer to reality. Isn't it interesting how he compares himself to
      Big John. Not very humble is it!

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