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Re: Walking down memory lane...

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  • prometheus_973
    ewickings wrote: ... guest facilitator for a workshop. I just talked to a guy from Flint (last week) who knows Michael Moore. He graduated one year ahead of
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 30, 2005
      ewickings wrote:

      prometheus writes:

      >I went over to Flint one time for a regional seminar... I was a
      guest facilitator for a workshop. I just talked to a guy from Flint
      (last week) who knows Michael Moore. He graduated one year ahead of
      him and played hockey with his buddies. Small world isn't it?

      *** I can't recall if I attended a regional in Flint? I attended
      several H.I. workshops, and spoke on a panel for a seminar or day
      in eck there, but don't recall the year..... so you most likely
      met the Co-RESA's for MI.?

      ### I probably did meet them, but it was a long time ago and after
      awhile people's faces are the only thing that I remember (unless I
      had more interaction with them).

      *** I've known them both since I was 12, have questioned why they
      keep agreeing to do the RESA thing each year. The male Co-RESA at
      various H.I. meetings would sit with those huge super secret
      manuals (guidelines) and try to hand them off to who ever wanted to
      take the job. One year I reached for the manual as if "Let me do
      it!" LOL, but even then I was questioning....

      ### What the RESA needed to do was to read the job description of
      each position to those interested and make it known that it was a
      one year committment (Oct.-Oct.) then ask for questions. Those
      binders also have materials that cover the job descriptions of
      various other positions (directors and coordinators) within the
      hierarchy. Also, the binders contain the guidelines for everything
      else such as the EWS, HU chants, newsletter, intros, style sheet,
      Roundtables, satsang projects, regionals, Eck centers, materials,
      reports, postering, info booths, volunteers, vahanas, etc.. It's
      quite complex and most Eckists in "settler" positions don't bother
      with knowing all of the guidelines or what the other job
      descriptions encompass. After all, it's all volunteer and spiritual
      lessons and growth can take place without being a boss in the RESA
      hierarchy, and especially without being an Eckist!

      *** I did enjoyed the special H.I. workshop we held in 3 monthly
      sessions. We were to bring a gift in a brown paper bag. Our exercise
      was to contemplate on the item, something *special* to represent the
      spiritual exercise / experience we had during the month leading up
      to the next meeting. I discovered I had a very accurate intuitive
      ability at the time. Of the 3 gifts I picked for each month, I was
      never able to duplicate the inner experience so I went with
      something different. To my surprise each gift I thought I wanted to
      find for someone else, ended up being exactly what I received as my
      gift each month. To this day it still amazes me! (BTW, I live East
      of Flint, you can check out the photos area of ESA for a great view
      of one of my favorite places to relax)

      ### It's interesting how Klemp takes credit for everything "good"
      that takes place in someone's life, but never the "bad." I'm sure
      that your intuitive powers still work very well even after leaving
      Eckankar. That's probably because SPIRIT (not eck) is always with us.

      >Was the tattoo on that guy's arm "EK" or "ECK?" I remember meeting
      a guy, a long time ago, with EK tattooed on his arm (Greek

      *** Yep it was the EK Greek lettering, like the rounded type symbol
      they used or still do?

      ### The rounded letters are what Hellen Baird designed. I saw a guy
      with the older EK symbol.

      >I don't know if I ever met knew Dawson's daughter... probably did.

      *** The reason I was inquired about Dawson's daughter is because she
      is severely Learning disabled. Dawson would bring her with him to
      various retreats etc... I think she lived in a home for the
      disabled, but not sure.

      ### I might have seen her with him at a Toronto seminar, but don't
      quite remember being introduced.

      *** Sometimes I get the impression Prometheus, that you are still
      active within the eck community? I haven't read all of the achieved
      messages from ESA, so not really up on your history. :-) But think
      you are doing a great job with this group! Is that your Big Foot in
      the Photos area? Don't recognize it from any I have seen around my
      neck of the woods.... LOL

      ### First, that foot photo isn't mine (I think Mish put it up), but
      I have been thinking of going to Myrtle or Daytona Beach lately (I
      have family members who own a time-share at Myrtle). I use to go to
      both places in the past. No, I'm not active within the the Eck
      community, but I keep in touch with several Eckists here and there
      and some former Eckists who don't post here. I do know a lot about
      the workings of things within the RESA structure. However, I'm sure
      that you know much more, than I do, about the workings at the ESC.
      Did you hear about the nice wooden chairs downstairs with the
      Mahanta star (Star of David) carved out in the backs?

      ### Have you read HU Chat and Klemp's '05 EWWS talk? It's message
      50809. It seems Klemp is really focused on the Nigerians. Probably
      because Ford has put a wrench in the Eck works! Anyway, it's quite
      an amusing talk.

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