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  • l2eigh
    Hi Prometheus: No I ve never been to Paducha but it tuns out I was only sixty miles away while I was in the Army. I spent all my time in Tennessee and
    Message 1 of 3 , May 9, 2005
      Hi Prometheus:
      No I've never been to Paducha but it tuns out
      I was only sixty miles away
      while I was in the Army. I spent all my time in Tennessee and
      Nashville however. No allure
      to the northwest and the Ohio River. And that's another thing. It's
      the Ohio, not the
      Mississippi, which it joins downstream. My mind is forming the word
      "lie", here and my
      tongue wants to twist in my head. God, it never stops, does it? Maybe
      F.J.'s right in using
      the word "mythomaniac". Someone who compulsively and obsessively
      twists a dream and
      whose switch for this is always in the "on" position.
      Yeah it's funny about the "serendipity in
      Silver Springs". I'm not surprised,
      however, that no one had a clue. It's amazing the unawareness that
      attends "the path of
      total awareness". But that's what happens when you live in a bubble
      and have no idea
      you're living in a bubble or why nothing ever really meshes.

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      <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Leigh,
      > Have you ever been to Paducah (aka Chinapoint)? The surrounding
      > in the old part of town, near the river, is being renovated
      > with brick paving, historical buildings, shops, and a wall with
      > murals depicting Paducah's early history, etc. I thought it was
      > interesting how Twitchell used the code word of "Chinapoint" to
      > refer to Paducah in some of his writings.
      > The HCS Gathering was April 30 and May 1. The set-up was on Friday
      > April 29. It just so happened that Eckankar (Maryland Satsang
      > Society) had a Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel Workshop next to
      > or near to Ford's HCS Gathering at the Holiday Inn in Silver
      > Springs, MD. Debbie Johnson and Dave Ings were the guest speakers
      > and the RESA Karen Moe was also there. What a hoot! People were
      > coming up to Ford with arms streached out for a hug and some were
      > buying his book, and asking what he has been up to! These Eckists
      > never knew he had left Eckankar! The RESA had a person stand
      > near the HCS door to steer people away from the HCS group. Funny
      > huh! :-))
      > Prometheus
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      > <lgrif@m...> wrote:
      > > Hi. Yeah. I've only had four posts here so
      > > I'm still overgeneralizing. Actually
      > > some of the things that Ford J. has said about what light and
      > > experiences really are
      > > and where they come from (our own higher self, according to him)
      > have
      > > been some food
      > > for thought for me. Nothing specific in what he's saying, but the
      > > general idea. Also "names
      > > and games" are just some general reflections of experiences I've
      > had
      > > with the web. I didn't
      > > have that impression at all about China Point, here :) which seems
      > > like a mighy nice place!
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