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Re: Repost From HCS BB

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  • mishmisha9
    ... It would seem the discussion topic listed speaks for itself.Spiritual awareness,advancement,enlightenment,etc has always been a singular journey.There are
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      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...

      >A Singular Journey posted 10/23/2005
      It would seem the discussion topic listed speaks for
      itself.Spiritual awareness,advancement,enlightenment,etc has always
      been a singular journey.There are many still in eckankar and in
      fact ,in many paths because of the fellowship and support.I know
      quite a few who really dont believe anything in eck but stay
      because of the group consciousness. Some who have left eck(or other
      paths) seek another group to join.Some form anti-eck groups which is
      still embracing this group consciousness and goes no further than
      they where before.The internet is full of this as many of you have
      noticed.It is wonderfull to have family,freinds and support in your
      life obviously.However the journey(for lack of a better word)
      between you and god needs no other but you.Sorry if that sounds cold
      i dont see how it could be otherwise.
      > S.P.H.
      > *** Now why on earth is S.P.H. posting on HCS and seemingly
      embracing a group? Seems contradictory what ever point s/he is
      trying to make! And how does s/he know that the anti-eck group's
      members, go no further than they were before? LOL, a few blanket
      statements that sound pretty arrogant to me!

      Hi, Liz!

      I would have to say that S.P.H. is doing that which he is
      complaining about--he has his group where he "feels" comfortable,
      and from that vantage he opines on other groups. Actually, he has
      one foot in the HCS consciousness and his other foot is with all the
      other little hodge podge groups he is experimenting with, which does
      include his eckist friends---so I guess HCS with its liberal
      allowance of still promoting some of the eckie speak appeals to him,
      whereas, a group like this, he views with disdain. To each his own
      really, but ESA should not really bother him so much if he truly is
      concentrating on his "singular journey." He would recognize and
      respect the "singular journey" of others however that path goes and
      not make such a remark that they go "no further than they (were)
      before." That is his arrogant remark and I wonder what purpose it
      serves him to state it! Maybe he's stuck--and not going "further" at
      the moment? Just a thought. : )



      I read this little tid bit on HuChat. Struck me odd that HK wants to
      clean out all of the negative country-western music CDs when it is
      so popular right now. Not to mention, the new movie about the life
      of Johnny Cash just about to open in theatres. I will admit that I
      don't care for that music myself, never have, but there are a few
      songs that I have enjoyed through the years, and I've almost decided
      to purchase a Johnny Cash CD because I liked his voice. A little
      variety never hurts!

      I was also surprised that HK had enjoyed such music--I just didn't
      see him as a country-western kind of guy, but now I'm visualizing
      him sitting around his home in a plaid shirt, blue jeans and farmer
      cap! Now that would be a photo op!

      I'm sure this little talk is throwing quite a curve at those eckists
      who have enjoyed "A Boy Named Sue" for so many years and were also
      looking forward to seeing the movie! Gee, there is always so much
      sacrifice! : )

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