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Re: Hard to believe [fabricated] quotes from "In My Soul I Am Free" by Brad Steiger

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Liz! This is a real jewel of knowledge out of the founder s mouth--LOL! Love your commentary too! So funny--just how in the world did any of us buy into
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 24, 2005
      Hi, Liz!

      This is a real "jewel" of knowledge out of the founder's mouth--LOL!
      Love your commentary too! So funny--just how in the world did any of
      us buy into this crap--incrediable, as I laugh at myself! : )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...

      > From Chapter 14 The Danger of Resisting the Spirit of God; pg160
      Paul : Judas committed the grave error of betraying Christ for
      thirty pieces of silver, and gave up his own life by hanging. One
      cannot sell or betray a channel of the Holy Spirit for
      materialistic means.
      the slightest act against any channel of God comes back swiftly to
      the doer. This is true even when one gossips and uses malicious talk
      about God-realized people. [ ut Ooo.... we be in trouble folks]
      Personal examples can be given here about those who do not
      understand the nature of anyone who dwells in the higher
      consciousness, and the troubles that befell them when they
      attempted to belittle or ridicule the teachings of the blessed
      channels of God.

      ### Yeah, this is really scarey stuff--LOL!

      > <snipped> pg 161 Since the *comic* spirit is a law unto itself,
      it has the power of returning to the sender whatever he might be
      sending to the holy essence of life. Thus the spirit of God, in the
      lower world, works in a dualistic manner; it can curse the sender or
      it can bless him. It depends on whatever communication the sender
      wishes to establish with a person well versed in the spiritual
      nature of God-knowledge. [WHAT? So is this a way for Paul or HK to
      excuse away why nothing becomes of the eck detractors! They BLESS US
      #### Well, now I am more relieved! I knew they didn't have any power
      but this settles it! Yippee-i-a; yippee-i-o! Let's carry on,
      Folks! : )

      > ;-))) Just more mindless drivel to start our morning....
      > Liz

      Thanks again, Liz, for these "enlightening" quotes of Paul Twitchell-
      -quite entertaining stuff!

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