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Re: Spiritual CULTS Versus Conspiracy CULTS, a repost from A.R.E.

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I like this post, but disagree with a few of the observations. I really don t believe that the conspiracy cult followers who post on TS/HCS are all
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 2005
      Hi All,

      I like this post, but disagree with a few of the observations. I
      really don't believe that the conspiracy cult followers who post on
      TS/HCS are all that educated or intelligent. As is pointed out these
      people don't throughly investigate their sources and are prejudice
      and blind. They condemn and parrot with half knowledge and little
      understanding. Therefore, this knowledge does Not protect because it
      is inaccurate. Understanding protects and explains more than
      knowledge could ever achieve.

      There is talk of a conspiracy where the levies were blown-up in New
      Orleans in order to flood the Black sections of the city. I don't
      believe this is true and that this theory actually prevents the real
      truth from being considered. It is a disservice to all people and to
      truth when one over exaggerates for purposes of ego and hidden
      agendas. However, the real truth about New Orleans may still be that
      a conspiracy took place. A group can achieve the same results
      through the neglect of Not maintaining those levies in New Orleans.
      This method is more subtle, but eventually it pays off with minimum
      risk to any one person or group. Truth and facts once again become
      clouded and distorted as the manipulators of government, business,
      and religion become more powerful while the public is dumbed down
      through a poor educational system. IMO this is also why there is Not
      really a War on Drugs. The powers that be want the public drugged
      and/or dumb. This makes it easier for them.


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      <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      > Spiritual CULTS Versus Conspiracy CULTS
      > by "Garland C. Peck" <garland@[EMAIL PROTECTED] > Oct 21, 2005 at
      > 11:34 PM
      > The conspiracy cults that are forming are as dangerous as the
      > spiritual Cults. There is truth to be found in the teachings of
      > groups just as there is manipulation and deception in both. What
      > frightening is the number of intelligent, educated people who
      > blindly follow either group without asking even the basic
      > Each group demands clarity and openness from the other without
      > applying this same concept to their own group. Yet the highly
      > educated members of either group can't see this double standard.
      > It is doubtful that George Bush Caused the earth quake in Pakistan
      > or the hurricanes, though he like the spiritual and conspiracy
      > groups is willing to take advantage the these events It is
      > interesting to watch the participants of each group point the
      > at the abuse and manipulation of the others while avoiding the
      > that they are doing the exact same thing. The " HALF
      HONESTY "
      > of the people involved is indeed a human condition.
      > In Pakistan thousands stand to die with the approaching winter and
      > the " Honest, Open " intelligent, members of the political,
      > religious and conspiracy CULTS find it easier to point out the
      > of others while avoiding their own. Conspiracy Web sets,
      > run Sites and religious dominated sites, all slanted and one sided
      > to the extreme.
      > Corrupt governments are no worst than the Slanted conspiracy
      > or narrow minded religious groups that control our world. How
      > have individual's left one group through dissatisfaction to join
      > opposing group claiming that now they are free, not seeing that
      > nothing has changed. All these educated, certificate carrying
      > graduates and they so easy turn their power over to another to
      > control.
      > Truth is found within SOUL of its self, not in some outside groups
      > controlled by power hungry people. Indeed we can and must work
      > together to make this planet more livable. Pointing out the
      > and discretions can be helpful but only if every(one) also looks
      > these same discretions within themselves.
      > The terrible predictions will come to pass, NOT because they must
      > but because of the greed and stupidity of the leaders' that we
      > choose to follow. This applies to the Conspiracy and religious
      > as much as the political CULTS
      > The future is going to very hard because we have allowed it to
      > become so.
      > (Posted by Garland Peck, Oct. 21, 2005 on A.R.E.)
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