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Klemp Forgets About the 1st and 12th Initiations

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, This is to give another perspective of Klemp s comments to a 5th Initiate who had the realization of her own Mastership and who also realized that
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      Hello All,

      This is to give another perspective of Klemp's comments to a 5th
      Initiate who had the realization of her own Mastership and who also
      realized that she had achieved Spiritual Freedom and no longer
      needed Klemp the LEM/Mahanta.

      The Wisdom Notes of September 2005, The Mystic World of Eckankar

      Case #1

      HK: "Recently, a Fifth Initiate wrote to say she wished to leave the
      path of ECK. Her letter was in response to my request that if anyone
      wished to leave ECKANKAR, they were certainly free to go. But would
      they please show the courtesy to tell me? She accomplished that with
      her letter. So why was she leaving? She explained that a realization
      had come to her of how she was her own master and had no further
      need for the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. I thanked her for her
      thoughtfulness. So as she wished, her cancellation would be
      effective immediately. I sent my regards. The whole matter was all
      clean and straightforward."

      Me: The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book 2, Chapter 12 states that, "The
      chela may not realize that he has entered into the heart of life
      when he has received the First Initiation. This means that he is not
      able to leave ECKANKAR should he desire to ever do so."

      Also, the 12th Initiation states the following, "Those initiates of
      this higher circle, the Twelfth Plane, can break any so-called spell
      put upon anyone, provided it comes to their attention either by the
      individual so involved or his relative."

      Since this Fifth Initiate wrote to Klemp, a 14th Initiate, why is it
      that he was Not able to help her break this "spell" put upon her by
      the Kal or an agent of the Kal? Where is the Mahanta's protection?
      And, why doesn't Klemp tell this person that she, since the first
      initiation, "is not able to leave ECKANKAR..... ever?"

      Klemp is misleading Eckists to make it look as though he is an
      understanding Master and holds no grudges, but in truth he's gotten
      meaner over the years. The second case in this Wisdom Note depicts
      the real Klemp! But even in that case I thought it was strange as to
      how HK treated a follower of Michael Owens, who wanted to return to
      Eckankar, compared to the followers of Darwin Gross who wanted to
      return. The H.I.s who followed Gross, and came back under Klemp,
      never lost any initiations!

      However, the real truth in this first case is that Klemp cannot
      protect Eckists from the Kal! Therefore, Klemp has No powers or
      desires to protect Eckists. Think about it! If the LEM/Mahanta could
      have protected this Fifth Initiate from negative influences then why
      didn't he... why shouldn't he? Maybe it's because he can't! And,
      that he (Klemp) is the negative influence and Kal agent!

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