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Re: Excerpt from A.R.E. Post and "A Year of HU!"

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  • ctecvie
    Hello all, ... **** Seems she sees herself as the right (or was it the left?! ;- )) ) hand of the mahanta. She certainly helps him weed out the garden of eck
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      Hello all,

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      ---- snip ----

      > > *****************************************************************
      > > ### So it seems that some eckists have bought into the weeding
      > > concept of HK--but this very near-sighted eckist doesn't realize
      > yet
      > > that the unbalanced malcontent is non other than HK himself!
      > >
      > > It is interesting that Cher says "we can weed out," as though
      >> is
      > > second guessing the mahanta. Perhaps, she has taken the right
      > > path (of the self-righteous do gooder) while her master has
      > > the left hand path (of the black magician)!

      **** Seems she sees herself as the right (or was it the left?! ;-
      )) ) hand of the mahanta. She certainly helps him weed out the
      garden of eck - Cher is one of the best examples to NOT join a path,
      so she is doing the work of the "detractors". :-)) She is one of the
      most unloving people on a.r.e., together with Rich and some others.
      Of course the "exes" are often not very nice as well - I can't
      stomach the personal attacks from both sides. But well, that's what
      a.r.e. lives from, I guess! Anyway, if Eckankar was that loving path
      as which it is promoted, then those individuals couldn't do their
      spiteful work on any newsgroup - they would just be concentrating on
      their task - which is, as for everyone, to become a better person.
      > >
      > > But you know this eckist in some way seems rather clever in
      > thinking
      > > outside of the box of eckankar(evidenced in some of her other
      > > on topics not related to the eck teachings), so I think there is
      > > still hope that she will wake up and save herself from the scam
      > > eventually! She's bought into it, but she seems still alert.
      >> Perhaps
      > > she so strongly defends the teachings in order to convince
      > > that she is still on the right path! Me thinks she doth protests
      > >too
      > > much! : )

      ****I think Cher is a very smart person, and perhaps Eckankar just
      serves her current wishes and goals.

      > >
      > > But it is obvious that she is not really following the path of
      > > love because, if she were, she would forgive people for their
      > > perceived short-comings and know that it all equals out in the
      > > Apparently, she hasn't learned that in eckankar, but then again
      > > neither has Harold! LOL!
      > >
      > > Anyway, I just found this exchange between Leaf and Cher
      > > entertaining in that it demonstrates how eckists really do fall
      > > the eckankrap hook, line and sinker in what HK says.

      ****It shows what path Eckankar is ... certainly not a loving one as
      they claim!

      ---- snip ----
      > >
      > ------------------------------------------
      > mish, i have a little different take on ms. cher. i hope u dont
      > my sharing.
      > i've posted this before, but im going to do so again - because i
      > enjoy saying it so very much: i have posted passages from eck
      > material on a.r.e. and claimed it was written by me, or some other
      > anti-eckist. cher would vehemently attack the passage, calling it
      > crap, etc etc etc. she would never recognize the passage as coming
      > from her own scripture.

      ****I've noticed that as well. When I came forward on huchat, saying
      that I was an ex-eckist, Cher was the first (and only) one to attack
      me. When I say something and she believes that I'm an Eckist, then
      that's ok and she doesn't question it too much. But she has changed -
      I noticed that she didn't attack you at all when you posted on
      huchat! This is real progress I guess, and perhaps she is
      learning. :-))

      > this is an important story, and important enuff for me to go on
      > repeating it. cher, like most eckists, has no idea what eckankar

      **** But then, who has? It's an accumulation of personal beliefs,
      and open to very personal interpretations. There's nobody who is
      saying what Eckankar is, even not Harold - because he has no idea

      > eckankar is a personal and individual delusion that cher has
      > to cling to - some life rope that she clings to in order to pull
      > herself along. in her mind the fight is the thing. she defends
      > anything that someone calls eck, no matter how senseless, or
      > dangerous it might be. my personal belief is that this is what
      > her life meaning. on the other hand, if wisdom bit her in the butt
      > she would ignore it unless it had the eck brand name stuck on it.

      I think something serves her personal purposes which I do not know
      of course. I agree that for Cher, the fight is the thing. But I do
      think that she does have a life outside of a.r.e. and all the other
      newsgroups she is in. I even think that she could be a very
      interesting person - if she would shed that hateful coat she has
      decided to wrap herself into. And I think it's entirely possible
      that she will leave Eckankar one day - remember Nathan! I didn't
      know Nathan on a.r.e. at the time (I didn't even know a.r.e. existed
      because I was a good little Eckist at the time) but it seems that he
      was "the swordsman of the sugmad" on a.r.e., defending Eckankar as
      hotly as Cher is doing at the moment. When he left, they all
      said "well, no surprise, unbalanced as he was"! And I think if Cher
      ever leaves the path, they will say the same thing about her. She
      *is* unbalanced and hateful, and I know that there are Eckists on
      huchat who do not like her at all, but apparently are afraid to
      contradict her. Well, those "negative" discussions are not
      encouraged anyway in Eckankar!

      > she, and the multitude like her, will never reject eckankar. they
      > cant reject something they dont even see. let me assure u, it was
      > pure chance that cher and ilk leaped on the eck wagon. it was
      > timeing. it was just as likely that she would have become a
      > or moonie or jehovah witness.

      **** If it would have served her purpose ... because I believe that
      Cher has an angenda.

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