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Re: Hi Prometheus:

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Leigh, Sorry that I got an anti-TV/Internet impression... I m not sure how that happened. Yes, one has to use discernment when viewing or reading anything.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 9, 2005
      Hi Leigh,

      Sorry that I got an anti-TV/Internet impression... I'm not sure how
      that happened. Yes, one has to use discernment when viewing or
      reading anything. I try to remember that I am viewing everything
      through "filters" that "color" everything I see or interpret. The
      awareness of these filters does shift my perspective.

      As far as Betty and Mario over on TS/HCS... yes I do hear things,
      and some eckie stuff from time to time too. I don't know if Ford is
      aware of the close association to the "TRANCEformation of America"
      fruitcakes with B&M. Mario especially, is definitely not a "Fordi."
      Ford's really too tame for these PCTs as Mish has defined them.

      In regard to Ford's points on Christianity and Sant Mat... I found
      his comments to be interesting and even brave. Ford merely pointed
      out some of the distortions of Religious Myth from a different
      perspective, and I appreciated this. As I've stated before Twitchell
      basically took Radasoami and Westernized it with some tweaking that
      established a mythological history in order to create a "living
      mastership" for himself. This is why the character of Rebazar was
      created. Other religions have distorted Truth as well, but over a
      longer period of time. This is why Paul "time traveled" (in his
      mind) to the past in order to give a historical validity to (his
      lies) the eck (eckankar) teachings.

      As far as Graham goes... I liked him at first, but the more I read
      the more delusional and out-of balance he sounded. I am now
      wondering just how delusional Phil Morimitsu is as well. I believe
      that L. Ron Hubbard had a Paranoid Personality Disorder which caused
      him to be delusional.

      As far as Ford goes... I'm not sure of his direction. My opinion has
      changed since he has established his "Umbrella Policy" to bring in
      all sorts of interests under the HCS NSP (New Spiritual Paradigm).
      It's too bad that some common sense and investigation into these
      interests (conspiracy cults) was overlooked or just not done for the
      sake of "freedom of thought." Or, was it permitted in order to draw
      in a greater quantity of members versus quality. Of course, this
      (quality factor) seems to be the problem with most all religions
      and "spiritual" organizations. It's certainly true with Eckankar!
      How can one establish a Truth Seeker site and permit Non-Truth
      Seekers? How can one establish a Higher Consciousness Society and
      permit conspiracy cultists to become members and even leaders? It's
      a contradiction in meaning! Anyway, we'll have to discuss Ford's new
      book when it comes out. That should be fun!

      On another note... on this site, as far as I know, there is no cross
      posting to ourselves. Some of us do use pseudonames, but part of
      this site's name is "Anonymous." This is because some people posting
      here still have links to people and groups that for various reasons
      we do not want revealed. It's a privacy thing, and is not being used
      to decieve. However, I can't speak for everyone who comes here as to
      what their motives are. Some caution, not to reveal too much, about
      ourselves is certainly needed. Therefore, real intimacy and openness
      (on any site or even in private emails) might prove to be somewhat
      elusive but not impossible.

      I enjoyed your comments.

      Take Care,

      In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "l2eigh"
      <lgrif@m...> wrote:
      > Now, here's an example of why reading
      > and posting is a good thing. I
      > knew that Betty and Mario lived in Canada but I didn't know Betty
      > some kind of
      > leadership role in the HCS. Incidentally, how do you learn this
      > stuff, like Betty's being a
      > HCS rep., M.C.-ing at their "gatherings" and so on? You must be
      > plugged into some
      > interesting stuff yourself.
      > I don't have an anti-T.V. or
      > anti-internet bias and didn't mean to make
      > that impression. I've watched T.V. for fifty years and still do. I
      > was just trying to make the
      > point about both T.V. and the "net" that "what you see, is what you
      > get" and no one's
      > obligated to believe any of it or to make a personal investment in
      > that may bring about
      > for them feelings of hurt, umbrage, betrayal, or whatever.
      > F. Johnson's book was a firebomb
      > Eckankar and I think his
      > "uncovering" material is the best body of it in one place on the
      > 'net. But beyond that, I
      > thought it was crazy, including his own point of view and his
      > to firebomb
      > Christianity and the Surat/Shabda yogas. And consider the trigger
      > him blowing his own
      > brains out so publicly all over the place - Graham Forsyth's
      > Now there's an
      > unstable piece of information if I ever saw one. F.J. supposedly is
      > readying a second book
      > of his own for publication. I expect this will explain "where he's
      > at" and where he's going,
      > or intends to go. It's not something I'm interested in or any
      > direction I want to go in, but
      > I'll post where I see someone expressing an interesting point of
      > and I don't think
      > everyone whose posted to his sites is nuts or a "Fordi". And they
      > also aren't the only sites
      > on the 'web, either. I suppose I was just trying to make the point
      > well not to necessarily
      > try to find a "home" in a group on the outside or in cyberspace.
      > Particularly in cyberspace
      > where people use pseudonames, use a variety of pseudonames, cross
      > post to themselves
      > and others as a variety of personalities, personalities of
      > genders expressing
      > different types of viewpoints, and all sorts of wild things.
      > Best wishes,
      > Leigh
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