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  • mishmisha9
    Yes, we are agreeing that it is all opinion--yours, mine and everyone s! : ) I like that you have dropped your penny into the jar! I certainly like dropping
    Message 1 of 2 , May 8, 2005
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      Yes, we are agreeing that it is all opinion--yours, mine and
      everyone's! : ) I like that you have dropped your "penny into the
      jar!" I certainly like dropping in a few of my own, as you have
      noted. The part you mention about TV selling products--well, sure,
      it wouldn't be on there for "free." But I rather liked the old TV
      commercials, and some ads today are pretty good too. It is an art
      form! And like everything else we are exposed to, we have to be
      mindful of what the "selling game" is and how we can be duped into
      believing something for the personal gain of others--products and

      I remember when my son was about 4 years old, he wanted a particular
      pair of sneakers he had seen advertized on TV. The sneakers were a
      brand of shoe I would have purchased for him anyway, but I found it
      interesting how he noticed the ad. So, finally, I purchased him the
      shoes and he was quite excited! He put them on and immediately ran
      outside to try them. Shortly, however, he came back to me saying the
      shoes did not work. I couldn't figure out why he was so disappointed
      in them, until he said he had tried to jump over a bush like he saw
      a little boy do in the commercial ad on TV--he said he couldn't jump
      high enough over the bush in our yard as he had seen on TV! Well,
      this was a nice little lesson for my son as I explained he couldn't
      believe everything he saw on TV, in particular in commercials, as it
      was just ways to get people to buy things.

      I do think there are good programs on TV. Presently, I enjoy Medium
      and Joan of Arcadia. I also like many of the reality shows--just
      interesting to see how people react/behave under testing
      circumstances. I'm not sure that TV is a total vast wasteland, but
      again one must use discrimination about how it is used and how much.
      Book writing used to be quite a refined art, but anyone can write a
      book and get it published today. There is a nice business in self-
      publishing. And ghost writers are readily available. Just because
      someone has written/published an informative book, doesn't mean it
      is valid/true. It may just be a gimmick to sell a product just as
      easily as TV commercials are selling. I can see many books as brain
      suckers too--well, actually, brain washing devices.

      As to internet groups, it is difficult when you don't know the
      individuals personally. But yet I have felt comfortable enough at
      times to meet people on personal levels and become friends. Sharing
      ideas/opinions can be helpful in many ways. The only problem is when
      you lose your personal identity or feel controlled by another's
      beliefs/opinions. As you say, be yourself!

      Thanks, Mish

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "l2eigh"
      <lgrif@m...> wrote:
      > I think we're on the same page as far as what you say in your
      > post. I'm brand new to this
      > group, saw a lot of posts about HCS and thought I'd drop my penny
      > into the jar. The
      > internet is like a big mirror. People go on line looking for a
      > reflection of themselves in
      > various ways. Then some learn they can put their own stuff on the
      > and this lights their
      > fuse. Because now there's absolutely a reflection of themselves on
      > the 'net and an
      > EXtremely public one. That not only they can see (and I believe
      > get an ENormous kick,
      > punch, boost out of this and tune in again and again just to see
      > themselves) ... that not
      > only they can see but everyone in the public domain can
      > (theoretically) see as well and I
      > believe this is a huge rush and pump for them as well. You know,
      > people talk about the
      > internet as a great tool for communication, some even think it's
      > going to bring about the
      > next great leap in enlightnenment, spiritual unfoldment. I don't
      > think so. Just like T.V. is
      > supposed to have great teaching (educational) potential. Rubbish.
      > It's never happened.
      > T.V. in the main, as you know, is a great wasteland.... what do
      > say today? 250, 350
      > channels and "nothing's on"? I don't mean to be pessimistic,
      > I'm not a pessimist.
      > Some times I just want to sit down and have my brains sucked out of
      > me and my time
      > wasted. T.V.'s nothing but a commercial medium, and never was
      > anything else. Its whole
      > purpopse is to sell you stuff, and it just stings entertainment,
      > information, or info/
      > tainment between assaults on your consciousness to keep you tuned
      > The 'net is like
      > T.V. but with this difference, you can put your own stuff on it as
      > well. So the initial
      > attraction is the same. You turn it on looking for some reflection
      > yourself, your values,
      > so you can ease on down within yourself for a half hour, hour, or
      > two. But the net is like
      > the ultimate narcissist's mirror. They love it, they've dicovered
      > and they put themselves
      > into it like crazy. So I'm just saying Caveat Emptor, don't take it
      > seriously, just have fun,
      > and don't expect anything "deep" or meaningful, or even spiritual.
      > Still, the only spiritual unfoldment
      > you can ever expect to have is in what you do for yourself. No
      > group, whether in real life
      > or on the internet will ever do that because it can't. Just you be
      > you and don't worry about
      > other people's opinions. That's the thing about the internet. It's
      > ALL opinion.
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