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Re: Eckankar: September 2005 "The Wisdom Notes" #3

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  • mishmisha9
    Klemp is really full of himself! LOL! He exhibits all kinds of negative/unloving behaviors, he uses threats, he glories himself and steals seekers beliefs in
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2005
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      Klemp is really full of himself! LOL! He exhibits all kinds of
      negative/unloving behaviors, he uses threats, he glories himself and
      steals seekers' beliefs in their own inner guidance and abilities!
      He lives off of all of this plus the money and properties that
      followers render up to his holiness! What a blood-sucking scammer!
      But can we blame Klemp for all of this delusion--his and others?
      There is, of course, the responsibility to self--if you want to
      surrender it all over to someone else because of being either easily
      tricked or by just taking what seems an easy way to get from A to Z,
      well, there is the accountability of the individual as well. Many
      eckisits won't acknowledge this weakness and will continue to follow
      this false master and belief, and they will defend it regardless of
      logic and truth that presents itself to them. They are both afraid
      and gullible.

      I think Klemp will dress in costume as Count Dracula for Halloween--
      he already has the pastey looks (LOL!), but instead of sucking the
      blood out of others, he will suck the life force out of his
      followers/believers! He will weaken them to the state of mental
      passivity! This black magician and master deceiver will bind his
      followers to him for ever more. After all, many have already agreed
      that they are like zoombied/Borg jack-o-lanterns--all they want to
      be are smiley illuminated faces, all hollowed out inside! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Well, this is the last example that Klemp gives to prove his
      > validity as the Mahanta. Of course, he has saved the best and
      > highest example for last (LOL!), or that's the impression he is
      > trying to promote. Now let's see how he goes about this, and if he
      > can accomplish the task!
      > CASE #1
      > So in review, the first case had a Fifth Initiate notifying Klemp
      > letter that she has had a "realization" and has discovered her
      > own "Mastership" and no longer needs the L.E.M. or Mahanta. Klemp
      > wished her well and let her go without deriding her. Case closed!
      > CASE #2
      > In the second case a Fourth Initiate chose follow her Satsang
      > teacher when he declared that he was the new L.E.M./Mahanta. When
      > the 4th Initiate wanted to come back to Eckankar Klemp punished
      > by taking away all of her Initiations with the excuse that it was
      > her karma.
      > CASE #3
      > HK: "Now contrast that case with the happy one that follows."
      > Me: The second case could have been positive and happy if Klemp
      > accepted her back like the father did in the Bible parable of the
      > Prodigal Son!
      > HK: "Bernie is a near-deaf man who lives in the eastern United
      > States. In the past year, the ECK teachings came to his attention.
      > He attended some ECK introductory events, liking what he 'heard'
      > saw."
      > Me: It seems that Klemp is putting emphasis on what this near-deaf
      > man "heard."
      > HK: "At one event, he learned of the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      > Master's plans to speak at a major ECK seminar in Minneapolis. His
      > funds would only permit travel by bus--a long, hard trip for him.
      > Yet he yearned to meet the Master. He wondered, Should I go?"
      > Me: It's too bad he didn't also know about all the security that
      > the "Master" requires, or that he would never be able to shake his
      > hand or talk to the outer L.E.M. This is just one of many reasons
      > why Eckists live in their private inner cave with their Mahanta.
      > HK: "Singing HU in contemplation, Bernie caught the Master's
      > guidance. He heard a man's voice in his ear. It spoke loudly, as
      > through a megaphone or loudspeaker. 'Go to the seminar in
      > Minneapolis,' it said."
      > Me: Well, it seems that Klemp is taking credit for something he
      > nothing about before reading this guy's letter. At least Faqir
      > was honest with people and told them that he knew nothing when
      > told of seeing him on the Inner or that he gave them guidance from
      > danger, etc. But, I'm thinking that the voice that this "near-deaf
      > man" heard was his own Self. Maybe he needed to meet someone at
      > seminar, or experience something that he needed to at this time.
      > Even the Kal can give one spiritual experiences!
      > HK: "He made the reservations right away. Shortly after, while
      > eating dinner, the Golden-tongued Wisdom confirmed his
      > decision: 'You are on the right path,' his fortune cookie read.
      > Bernie had made the right spiritual decision, at the right time."
      > Me: Nice! But what about all of those stupid fortunes, or the ones
      > that someone else should have had? Do we just discount them or
      > Maybe, as I said, he needed to go to the seminar for a reason
      > than to see or hear Klemp. Maybe, the whole process was for him
      > to "hear" his own true Self! However, I admit that there are some
      > interesting fortunes in those cookies! Here are three that I found
      > lying around: "Change your thoughts and you change your destiny;
      > Happiness isn't an outside job, it's an inside job; Avert
      > misunderstandings by calm, poise, and balance." : )
      > HK: "You've seen three degrees of consciousness and how each level
      > handled its understanding of the glory and splendor of the ECK
      > teachings. There is much to reflect upon here in your own
      > contemplations, so go and see."
      > Me: I would think that Eckists should take a closer look at the
      > first two cases. In the first case, the person accomplished
      > Spiritual Freedom and Mastership!
      > In the second case, the person left Eckankar and wanted to come
      > and was punished!
      > In the third case, a person followed their own inner guidance and
      > decided to go to a seminar.
      > This tells Eckists volumns about the real Klemp, but are they able
      > to truly "see" and "hear" the real truth? Perhaps the "real"
      > tongued Wisdom is in Klemp's own words of these Wisdom Notes, and
      > Realizing this is also the "real" Waking Dream for Eckists!
      > Prometheus
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