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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, 12eigh! You make some very valid points in your post. But for the record, what makes you think that people posting here, have not posted on HCS and maybe
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2005
      Hi, 12eigh!

      You make some very valid points in your post. But for the record,
      what makes you think that people posting here, have not posted on
      HCS and maybe been clobbered by those who dominate there? Perhaps,
      this is a much safer site to point out the discrimancies and also
      the domination of "one" group think. I believe a lot of individuals
      have left HCS, because of the frustration of not being able to post
      a balancing perspective. Also, a lot of stuff over there, I believe
      is not appropriate material for Truth-seekers and that it is even
      more insidious than Eckankar as far as leading people astray.
      Namely, the things that I am mentioning here. I am suggesting that
      instead of taking a person's opinion on such stuff, including my
      own, a person should do the research on such sites as Cassiopaea,
      David Icke and TRANCEformation of America. If I would post such a
      idea on HCS, I'd be clobbered by you know who! Frankly, I am tired
      of that. I also feel that HCS has a responsibility to monitor some
      of these strange things, because it looks like it is being condoned
      and encouraged. But, of course, the gullible of the world have their
      own responsibility to themselves and to not take the easy road by
      being readily influenced by those who speak the loudest and the

      Personally, I like Mr. Johnson and his book "Confessions of a God
      Seeker" is an invaluable tool, but his Bulletin Boards, in my
      opinion, leave a lot to be desired. I am also wondering where he is
      heading with his group and organization--but it's his ballgame. It
      seems right now on this site there is a focus on HCS, but there is
      also the focus on Eckankar--they are quite interconnected, so I
      think it is okay to opine on both.

      Thanks again for your post. I do agree with you for the most part,
      but maybe this will clarify why I for one do not care to debate on
      HCS. If I post here, some countering of those other sites that are
      promoted on HCS BBs, perhaps, someone will see this and decide to
      take a deeper look before falling for the spins. That is my purpose,
      but I leave it up to the individual. : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "l2eigh"
      <lgrif@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Prometheus and all:
      > I must say I've come across this
      > group's home page before but
      > never payed any attention to it. I was looking in the links section
      > on Eckankartruth today,
      > however and "prometheus" caught my eye from a post of yours that
      > recently read. I've
      > read through the archives here and I must say that there has been
      > quite a lot of "talk"
      > about the Ford Johnson's "TS" and "HCS" sites. First, I don't make
      > assumption that the
      > people who post represent the leadership of HCS, or HCS in any way
      > all. I've posted
      > there as has "Ingrid" (unless it's another Ingrid) and I'm not in
      > nor do I have any plans
      > to be. I've been sort of amazed over time, but I think Ford just
      > wants to have an open
      > forum, a freedom of speech forum, on the web (kind of like the
      > proposition for this one). If
      > you want to get "into" HCS you can sign up, get their e-
      > discourses or what-all
      > they have. Or go to a "gathering" (there have been two so far - one
      > in Las Vegas, and one
      > just recently in Maryland). Yeah, "Betty" and "Mario" are tedious,
      > but I juat skip those
      > posts. Look, internet bulletin boards, discussion, and usenet
      > are all somewhat
      > similar and you don't want to neccessarily expect a lot of them, as
      > anyone who's been a
      > veteran of a.r.e. or similar, by now knows. It's pretty Much "take
      > what you like or leave it,
      > don't have any expectations, post what you like or what you want to
      > and see if there's any
      > response". It's rather like fishing in a world where the fish think
      > they're in charge. Oh, and by the way, You don't have to just read
      > site, think about it,
      > and then maybe talk about it somewhere else. You can always post
      > right there, ask your
      > questions and clear up your concerns, or correct your
      > misunderstandings. Here's the thing
      > about the internet... don't read anything and make assumptions.
      > a big mistake.
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